Character name of feudal state; clear Definition
CHU3 Pinyin co2 Jyutping SO On IBARA SHIMOTO SUWAE Kun Hangul CHO Korean *chriǔ Tang sở Viet
U+6918 Variant

Word Word
すわえ Reading ずわえ Reading すわい Reading ずわい Reading
switch (long, tender shoot of a plant) Translation eng switch (cane used for flogging) Translation eng

Word Word
しもと Reading
switch (flogging implement made from a branch) Translation eng
細枝 Crossref

Reading So Romaji

ちゆ Reading Chiyu Romaji

Traditional Simplified
chu3 Pinyin
distinct English clear English orderly English pain English suffering English deciduous bush used in Chinese medicine (genus Vitex) English punishment cane (old) English

chu3 Reading Pinyin Reading On ショ Reading On いばら Reading Kun しもと Reading Kun すわえ Reading Kun cho Reading Korean Reading Korean
whip Meaning cane Meaning

楚ね Word
そね Reading Sone Romaji

楚白 Word
そはく Reading Sohaku Romaji

楚阪 Word
そさか Reading Sosaka Romaji

楚坂 Word
そさか Reading Sosaka Romaji

楚布寺 Traditional 楚布寺 Simplified
chu3 bu4 si4 Pinyin
Tsurpu (u.E.) (Sprachw) Deutsch

楚部穴 Word
そべあな Reading Sobeana Romaji

楚菜 Word
そな Reading Sona Romaji

楚々 Word 楚楚 Word
そそ Reading
graceful Translation eng neat Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger schlank Translation ger niedlich Translation ger klar Translation ger fein Translation ger zart Translation ger zierlich Translation ger elegant Translation ger

楚楚 Traditional 楚楚 Simplified
chu3 chu3 Pinyin
neat English lovely English

楚川 Word
そがわ Reading Sogawa Romaji

楚翠 Word
そすい Reading Sosui Romaji

楚代子 Word
そよこ Reading Soyoko Romaji

楚德湖 Traditional 楚德湖 Simplified
chu3 de2 hu2 Pinyin
Peipussee (See in Estland) (u.E.) Deutsch

楚辺 Word
そべ Reading Sobe Romaji

楚風 Word
そふう Reading Sofuu Romaji

楚風亜 Word
そふぃあ Reading Sofia Romaji

楚峰 Word
そほう Reading Sohou Romaji

楚格峰 Traditional 楚格峰 Simplified
chu3 ge2 feng1 Pinyin
Zugspitze (u.E.) (Eig, Geo) Deutsch

楚國 Traditional 楚国 Simplified
Chu3 guo2 Pinyin
the state of Chu (history) English

楚和 Word
そわ Reading Sowa Romaji

楚江 Word
そこう Reading Sokou Romaji

楚久 Word
すっく Reading Sukku Romaji

楚科奇族 Traditional 楚科奇族 Simplified
chu3 ke1 qi2 zu2 Pinyin
Tschuktschen (u.E.) Deutsch

楚里 Word
そり Reading Sori Romaji

楚良 Word
そら Reading Sora Romaji

楚輪 Word
そわ Reading Sowa Romaji

楚輪博 Word
そわひろし Reading Sowa Hiroshi Romaji

楚納 Word
そない Reading Sonai Romaji

楚南 Word
そなん Reading Sonan Romaji

楚清 Word
しょうしょ Reading Shousho Romaji

楚人冠 Word
そじんかん Reading Sojinkan Romaji

楚山 Word
そやま Reading Soyama Romaji

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