Character a mark, symbol, label, sign; standard Definition
BIAO1 Pinyin biu1 Jyutping HYOU On KOZUE SUE SHIRUSHI Kun Hangul PHYO Korean *biɛu Tang bêu Viet
U+6807 Simplified

Word Word Word Word
しるし Reading
mark Translation eng symbol Translation eng evidence Translation eng Kennzeichen Translation ger Merkmal Translation ger Symbol Translation ger Beweis Translation ger Beweismittel Translation ger Zeichen Translation ger Andenken Translation ger Anzeichen Translation ger Vorzeichen Translation ger indice Translation fre preuve Translation fre symbole Translation fre marque Translation fre

こずえ Reading Kozue Romaji

しめ Reading Shime Romaji

しめき Reading Shimeki Romaji

しめぎ Reading Shimegi Romaji

しるべ Reading Shirube Romaji

ひょう Reading Hyou Romaji

まあく Reading Maaku Romaji

Traditional Simplified
biao1 Pinyin
the topmost branches of a tree English surface English sign English to mark English (outward) sign English indication English prize English award English bid English

biao1 Reading Pinyin ヒョウ Reading On しるべ Reading Kun しるし Reading Kun しべ Nanori pyo Reading Korean Reading Korean
signpost Meaning seal Meaning mark Meaning stamp Meaning imprint Meaning symbol Meaning emblem Meaning trademark Meaning evidence Meaning souvenir Meaning target Meaning panneau Meaning fr sceau Meaning fr marque Meaning fr tampon Meaning fr empreinte Meaning fr symbole Meaning fr emblème Meaning fr évidence Meaning fr souvenir Meaning fr cible Meaning fr marca Meaning es signo Meaning es modelo Meaning es Sinal de tráfego Meaning pt carimbo Meaning pt marca Meaning pt selo Meaning pt sinal impresso Meaning pt símbolo Meaning pt emblema Meaning pt marca registrada Meaning pt evidência Meaning pt lembrança Meaning pt alvo Meaning pt

印す Word 標す Word 徴す Word
しるす Reading
to leave (a mark, trace, etc.) Translation eng to print Translation eng to stamp Translation eng to show a sign (i.e. an omen) Translation eng

標榜 Word
ひょうぼう Reading
advocate Translation eng champion cause Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Befürwortung Translation ger Eintreten Translation ger

標榜 Traditional 标榜 Simplified
biao1 bang3 Pinyin
to flaunt English to advertise English to parade English boost English excessive praise English

標本 Word
ひょうほん Reading
example Translation eng specimen Translation eng sample Translation eng Exemplar Translation ger Muster Translation ger Typus Translation ger Beispiel Translation ger Präparat Translation ger Probe Translation ger Probeexemplar Translation ger Untersuchungsgruppe Translation ger échantillon Translation fre exemple Translation fre modèle Translation fre

標本 Traditional 标本 Simplified
biao1 ben3 Pinyin
specimen English sample English the root cause and symptoms of a disease English

標本 Traditional 标本 Simplified
biao1 ben3 Pinyin
Specimen (u.E.) (Bio) Deutsch

標本蟲 Traditional 标本虫 Simplified
biao1 ben3 chong2 Pinyin
spider beetle English

標本蟲 Traditional 标本虫 Simplified
biao1 ben3 chong2 Pinyin
Diebskäfer (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

標本抽出 Word
ひょうほんちゅうしゅつ Reading
sampling Translation eng Probenahme Translation ger Probeentnahme Translation ger

標本平均 Word
ひょうほんへいきん Reading
sample mean Translation eng sample average Translation eng

標本時刻 Word
ひょうほんじこく Reading
sampling time Translation eng

標本室 Word
ひょうほんしつ Reading
specimen room Translation eng herbarium Translation eng

標兵 Traditional 标兵 Simplified
biao1 bing1 Pinyin
parade guards (usually spaced out along parade routes) English example English model English pacesetter English

標茶 Word
しべちゃ Reading Shibecha Romaji

標尺 Traditional 标尺 Simplified
biao1 chi3 Pinyin
surveyor's rod English staff English staff gauge English rear sight English

標尺 Traditional 标尺 Simplified
biao1 chi3 Pinyin
Messlatte (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

標的 Word
ひょうてき Reading
target Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Ziel Translation ger Zielscheibe Translation ger Schießscheibe Translation ger

標的 Traditional 标的 Simplified
biao1 di4 Pinyin
target English aim English objective English what one hopes to gain English

標的 Traditional 标的 Simplified
biao1 di4 Pinyin
Ziel (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

標燈 Traditional 标灯 Simplified
biao1 deng1 Pinyin
beacon light English beacon English

標底 Traditional 标底 Simplified
biao1 di3 Pinyin
base number (of a tender) English starting price (for auction) English

標點 Traditional 标点 Simplified
biao1 dian3 Pinyin
punctuation English a punctuation mark English to punctuate English

標點法 Traditional 标点法 Simplified
biao1 dian3 fa3 Pinyin
Interpunktion (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

標點符號 Traditional 标点符号 Simplified
biao1 dian3 fu2 hao4 Pinyin
punctuation English a punctuation mark English

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