あやめ Reading Ayame Romaji

さつ Reading Satsu Romaji

Traditional Simplified
sha1 Pinyin
to kill English to murder English to fight English to weaken or reduce English to smart (topolect) English to counteract English (used after a verb) extremely English

sha1 Reading Pinyin shai4 Reading Pinyin サツ Reading On サイ Reading On セツ Reading On ころ. Reading Kun -ごろ. Reading Kun . Reading Kun sal Reading Korean soe Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
kill Meaning murder Meaning butcher Meaning slice off Meaning split Meaning diminish Meaning reduce Meaning spoil Meaning tuer Meaning fr meurtre Meaning fr massacrer Meaning fr abattre Meaning fr trancher Meaning fr fendre Meaning fr diminuer Meaning fr réduire Meaning fr gâcher Meaning fr matar Meaning es quitar la vida Meaning es matar Meaning pt assassinato Meaning pt açougueiro Meaning pt fatiar Meaning pt partir Meaning pt diminuir Meaning pt reduzir Meaning pt corromper Meaning pt

殺がれた耳 Word
そがれたみみ Reading
mutilated ear Translation eng

削ぐ Word 殺ぐ Word
そぐ Reading
to chip Translation eng to slice off Translation eng to sharpen Translation eng to thin down Translation eng to reduce Translation eng to weaken Translation eng abschneiden Translation ger schräg durchschneiden Translation ger vermindern Translation ger abschwächen Translation ger verderben Translation ger

削げる Word 殺げる Word
そげる Reading
to split Translation eng to be split Translation eng to splinter Translation eng

殺し Word
ころし Reading
a murder Translation eng Mord Translation ger

殺し文句 Word
ころしもんく Reading
killing (i.e. loving) words Translation eng tödlicher Ausspruch Translation ger entscheidendes Argument Translation ger Trumpf Translation ger

殺し屋 Word
ころしや Reading
professional killer Translation eng hit man Translation eng Auftragskiller Translation ger Killer Translation ger gedungener Mörder Translation ger

Word Word
(something) shop Translation eng somebody who sells (something) or works as (something) Translation eng somebody with a (certain) personality trait Translation eng house Translation eng roof Translation eng
照れ屋 Crossref 殺し屋 Crossref パン屋 Crossref

殺す Word
ころす Reading
to kill Translation eng töten Translation ger morden Translation ger ermorden Translation ger umbringen Translation ger ums Leben bringen Translation ger erschlagen Translation ger unterdrücken Translation ger anhalten Translation ger assassiner Translation fre donner la mort Translation fre exterminer Translation fre faire mourir Translation fre massacrer Translation fre tuer Translation fre убивать Translation rus

危める Word 殺める Word
あやめる Reading
to wound Translation eng to murder Translation eng morden Translation ger töten Translation ger

殺戮 Word 殺りく Word
さつりく Reading
slaughter Translation eng massacre Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Mord Translation ger Massaker Translation ger Massenmord Translation ger Blutbad Translation ger

殺る Word
やる Reading
to do someone in Translation eng to bump someone off Translation eng

殺必死 Traditional 杀必死 Simplified
sha1 bi4 si3 Pinyin
Fanservice (u.E.) Deutsch

殺菜 Word
さつな Reading Satsuna Romaji

殺草快 Traditional 杀草快 Simplified
sha1 cao3 kuai4 Pinyin
diquat English

殺虫 Word
さっちゅう Reading
killing insects or pests Translation eng Töten von Insekten Translation ger

殺虫剤 Word
さっちゅうざい Reading
insecticide Translation eng pesticide Translation eng Insektenvertilgungsmittel Translation ger Pestizid Translation ger insecticide Translation fre pesticide Translation fre инсектици́д Translation rus

殺蟲 Traditional 杀虫 Simplified
sha1 chong2 Pinyin
insecticide English

殺蟲 Traditional 杀虫 Simplified
sha1 chong2 Pinyin
insektizid (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

殺蟲劑 Traditional 杀虫剂 Simplified
sha1 chong2 ji4 Pinyin
insecticide English pesticide English

殺蟲藥 Traditional 杀虫药 Simplified
sha1 chong2 yao4 Pinyin
Insektizid (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

殺処分 Word
さつしょぶん Reading
culling Translation eng

殺到 Word
さっとう Reading
rush Translation eng flood Translation eng Gedränge Translation ger Ansturm Translation ger affluer Translation fre se ruer Translation fre

殺敵 Traditional 杀敌 Simplified
sha1 di2 Pinyin
to kill the enemy English

殺掉 Traditional 杀掉 Simplified
sha1 diao4 Pinyin
to kill English

殺掉 Traditional 杀掉 Simplified
sha1 diao4 Pinyin
löschen (u.E.) Deutsch

殺毒 Traditional 杀毒 Simplified
sha1 du2 Pinyin
Antivirus (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

殺毒軟件 Traditional 杀毒软件 Simplified
sha1 du2 ruan3 jian4 Pinyin
antivirus software English

殺蠹藥 Traditional 杀蠹药 Simplified
sha1 du4 yao4 Pinyin
mothicide English

殺伐 Word
さつばつ Reading
bloodthirsty Translation eng brutal Translation eng savage Translation eng Grausamkeit Translation ger Bestialität Translation ger Unmenschlichkeit Translation ger cruel Translation fre désert Translation fre sanglant Translation fre triste Translation fre

殺風景 Word
さっぷうけい Reading
tasteless Translation eng dreary Translation eng tastelessness Translation eng Trostlosigkeit Translation ger Tristesse Translation ger Ödnis Translation ger Nüchternheit Translation ger Fadheit Translation ger Langeweile Translation ger Traurigkeit Translation ger

殺鬼 Word
さき Reading Saki Romaji

殺鬼 Word
さつき Reading Satsuki Romaji

殺害 Word
さつがい Reading せつがい Reading せちがい Reading
killing Translation eng murder Translation eng Mord Translation ger Mordtat Translation ger

殺害 Traditional 杀害 Simplified
sha1 hai4 Pinyin
murder English

殺害 Traditional 杀害 Simplified
sha1 hai4 Pinyin
Ermordung (u.E.) (S) Deutsch ermorden (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

殺害事件 Word
さつがいじけん Reading
murder case Translation eng Mordfall Translation ger

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