Character water, liquid, lotion, juice Definition
SHUI3 Pinyin seoi2 Jyutping SUI On MIZU Kun Hangul SWU Korean *shuǐ Tang héo thuỷ Viet

みず Reading
water (cold, fresh) Translation eng Wasser Translation ger kaltes Wasser Translation ger Hochwasser Translation ger Flut Translation ger Überschwemmung Translation ger Flüssigkeit Translation ger {Sumô} Pause Translation ger eau Translation fre вода Translation rus

すい Reading
Wednesday Translation eng shaved ice (served with flavored syrup) Translation eng water (fifth of the five elements) Translation eng
五行 Crossref 氷水 Crossref 水曜日 Crossref

Radical Radical
water Meaning

あおい Reading Aoi Romaji

あくあ Reading Akua Romaji

いお Reading Io Romaji

すい Reading Sui Romaji

みず Reading Mizu Romaji

みずあらい Reading Mizuarai Romaji

みずき Reading Mizuki Romaji

みずさき Reading Mizusaki Romaji

みずざき Reading Mizuzaki Romaji

みずたか Reading Mizutaka Romaji

みずつぎ Reading Mizutsugi Romaji

みずはい Reading Mizuhai Romaji

みな Reading Mina Romaji

みなと Reading Minato Romaji

みなも Reading Minamo Romaji

よしみ Reading Yoshimi Romaji

Traditional Simplified
Shui3 Pinyin
surname Shui English

Traditional Simplified
shui3 Pinyin
water English river English liquid English beverage English additional charges or income English (of clothes) classifier for number of washes English

shui3 Reading Pinyin スイ Reading On みず Reading Kun みず- Reading Kun うず Nanori ずみ Nanori Nanori Nanori Nanori みさ Nanori みつ Nanori みな Nanori みん Nanori su Reading Korean Reading Korean
water Meaning eau Meaning fr agua Meaning es água Meaning pt

水飴 Word 水あめ Word
みずあめ Reading
starch syrup Translation eng {Kochk.} sirupartige Bonbonmasse Translation ger weiches Karamell Translation ger (aus Kartoffel- od. Reisstärke) Translation ger

水アル Word
すいアル Reading
aluminium hydrate Translation eng aluminum hydrate Translation eng

水がかかる Word
みずがかかる Reading
to pour water on Translation eng to irrigate Translation eng

水かけ論 Word 水掛け論 Word
みずかけろん Reading
endless argument Translation eng pointless argument Translation eng uferlose Diskussion Translation ger ewiges Hin und Her Translation ger müßiger Wortwechsel Translation ger endloser und ergebnisloser Disput Translation ger

水嵩 Word 水かさ Word
みずかさ Reading
volume of water Translation eng Wasserstand Translation ger Wasserpegel Translation ger Wassermenge Translation ger volume d'eau Translation fre

水瓶 Word 水がめ Word
みずがめ Reading
water jug Translation eng Wasserkrug Translation ger broc Translation fre cruche d'eau Translation fre

水ケ保 Word
みずがほ Reading Mizugaho Romaji

水ヶ本 Word
みずがもと Reading Mizugamoto Romaji

水ヶ峰 Word
みずがみね Reading Mizugamine Romaji

水ケ谷 Word
みずがや Reading Mizugaya Romaji

水ヶ谷 Word
すいがたに Reading Suigatani Romaji

水ヶ谷 Word
みずがたに Reading Mizugatani Romaji

水ヶ谷 Word
みずがや Reading Mizugaya Romaji

水ケ江 Word
みずがえ Reading Mizugae Romaji

水ヶ瀞 Word
みずがとろ Reading Mizugatoro Romaji

水ケ迫 Word
みずがさこ Reading Mizugasako Romaji

水ヶ迫 Word
みすがざこ Reading Misugazako Romaji

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