Character pour, infuse, steep; wash away Definition
CHONG1 Pinyin cung1 Jyutping CHUU On OKI WAKU Kun Hangul CHWUNG Korean khem trong Viet
U+51B2 Simplified U+76C5 Variant

Word Word
おき Reading
open sea Translation eng hohe See Translation ger offenes Meer Translation ger (le) large Translation fre haute mer Translation fre pleine mer Translation fre откры́тое мо́ре Translation rus

おき Reading Oki Romaji

のぼる Reading Noboru Romaji

ふかい Reading Fukai Romaji

ふかし Reading Fukashi Romaji

Traditional Simplified
chong1 Pinyin
(of water) to dash against English to mix with water English to infuse English to rinse English to flush English to develop (a film) English to rise in the air English to clash English to collide with English

chong1 Reading Pinyin チュウ Reading On おき Reading Kun おきつ Reading Kun ちゅう.する Reading Kun わく Reading Kun chung Reading Korean Reading Korean
open sea Meaning offing Meaning rise high into sky Meaning au large Meaning fr en haute mer Meaning fr montée au ciel Meaning fr mar abierto Meaning es alta mar Meaning es ascender Meaning es oceano aberto Meaning pt mar aberto Meaning pt subir no ceú Meaning pt

沖ヶ浜田 Word
おきはまだ Reading Okihamada Romaji

沖する Word 冲する Word
ちゅうする Reading
to rise up into the air Translation eng to ascend into the sky Translation eng

沖ッ海 Word
おきつうみ Reading Okitsuumi Romaji

沖の Word
おきの Reading Okino Romaji

沖のはえ Word
おきのはえ Reading Okinohae Romaji

沖の浜 Word
おきのはま Reading Okinohama Romaji

沖の鼻 Word
おきのはな Reading Okinohana Romaji

沖の濱 Word
おきのはま Reading Okinohama Romaji

沖ノ濱 Word
おきのはま Reading Okinohama Romaji

沖ノ碆 Word
おきのはえ Reading Okinohae Romaji

沖ノ碆 Word
おきのばえ Reading Okinobae Romaji

沖の川 Word
おきのがわ Reading Okinogawa Romaji

沖の串 Word
おきのくし Reading Okinokushi Romaji

沖ノ旦 Word
おきのだん Reading Okinodan Romaji

沖の島 Word
おきのしま Reading Okinoshima Romaji

沖ノ島 Word
おきのしま Reading Okinoshima Romaji

沖ノ島 Word
おきのじま Reading Okinojima Romaji

沖ノ嶋 Word
おきのしま Reading Okinoshima Romaji

沖の洞 Word
おきのほら Reading Okinohora Romaji

沖の根 Word
おきのね Reading Okinone Romaji

沖ノ谷 Word
おきのたに Reading Okinotani Romaji

沖ノ谷 Word
おきのや Reading Okinoya Romaji

沖ノ館 Word
おきのたて Reading Okinotate Romaji

沖ノ磯 Word
おきのそ Reading Okinoso Romaji

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