Character mud, mire; earth, clay; plaster Definition
NI2 NI4 NI3 NIE4 NING4 Pinyin nai4 nei6 Jyutping DEI On DORO NAZUMU Kun Hangul NI Korean *nei nèi Tang nhãn nề Viet
U+F9E3 Variant

どろ Reading
mud Translation eng Schlamm Translation ger Schmutz Translation ger Dreck Translation ger Kot Translation ger Dieb Translation ger Räuber Translation ger Einbrecher Translation ger Diebstahl Translation ger Einbruch Translation ger (Abk.) Translation ger boue Translation fre bourbe Translation fre vase Translation fre грязь Translation rus

どろ Reading Doro Romaji

なずみ Reading Nazumi Romaji

Traditional Simplified
ni2 Pinyin
mud English clay English paste English pulp English

Traditional Simplified
ni4 Pinyin
restrained English

Traditional Simplified
ni4 Pinyin
hielt zurück, zurückgehalten (u.E.) Deutsch

ni2 Reading Pinyin ni4 Reading Pinyin デイ Reading On ナイ Reading On Reading On Reading On どろ Reading Kun ひじ Nanori ni Reading Korean Reading Korean
mud Meaning mire Meaning adhere to Meaning be attached to Meaning boue Meaning fr fange Meaning fr tenir à Meaning fr voleur Meaning fr barro Meaning es fango Meaning es cieno Meaning es estar preocupado por Meaning es lama Meaning pt lodo Meaning pt aderir Meaning pt ser anexado Meaning pt

Traditional Simplified
ni2 Pinyin
|[ni2] Variant

泥ノ木 Word
どろのき Reading Doronoki Romaji

泥の像 Word
でいのぞう Reading
mud image Translation eng

泥む Word
なずむ Reading
to cling to Translation eng to stick to Translation eng to be wedded to Translation eng

泥除け Word 泥よけ Word
どろよけ Reading
fender Translation eng mudguard Translation eng wing Translation eng {Kfz.-W.} Schutzblech Translation ger Kotflügel Translation ger

泥リ Word
ぬかり Reading Nukari Romaji

泥レス Word
どろレス Reading
mud wrestling Translation eng

泥を被る Word
どろをかぶる Reading
to be covered with mud Translation eng Dreckarbeit machen Translation ger

泥を塗る Word
どろをぬる Reading
to besmirch Translation eng to sully Translation eng
顔に泥を塗る Crossref

泥んこ Word
どろんこ Reading
morass of mud Translation eng Schmutz Translation ger Schlamm Translation ger

泥庵 Word
でいあん Reading Deian Romaji

泥巴 Traditional 泥巴 Simplified
ni2 ba1 Pinyin
mud English

泥板岩 Word
でいばんがん Reading
shale Translation eng Schieferton Translation ger

泥棒 Word 泥坊 Word
どろぼう Reading
thief Translation eng burglar Translation eng robber Translation eng theft Translation eng Dieb Translation ger Räuber Translation ger Einbrecher Translation ger Diebstahl Translation ger Raub Translation ger Einbruch Translation ger cambrioleur Translation fre personne qui dérobe Translation fre voleur Translation fre вор Translation rus

泥棒根性 Word
どろぼうこんじょう Reading
underhand character Translation eng thievish nature Translation eng

泥部 Word
でいぶ Reading Deibu Romaji

泥鏟 Traditional 泥铲 Simplified
ni2 chan3 Pinyin
trowel English

泥臭い Word
どろくさい Reading
smelling of mud or earth Translation eng unrefined Translation eng uncouth Translation eng nach Schlamm riechen Translation ger nach Erde schmecken Translation ger bäuerisch Translation ger provinzlerisch Translation ger

泥川 Word
どろかわ Reading Dorokawa Romaji

泥舟 Word 泥船 Word
どろぶね Reading
boat to transport mud Translation eng (fictional) boat made of (dried) mud Translation eng

泥刀 Traditional 泥刀 Simplified
ni2 dao1 Pinyin
trowel English

泥道 Word
どろみち Reading
muddy road Translation eng schmutzige Straße Translation ger

泥地 Word
でいち Reading どろち Reading
mud Translation eng bog Translation eng

泥方 Word
ひじかた Reading Hijikata Romaji

泥封 Traditional 泥封 Simplified
ni2 feng1 Pinyin
to seal jars etc with mud, clay or lute English lute English luting English

泥封 Traditional 泥封 Simplified
ni2 feng1 Pinyin
Kitt, Laute (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

泥浮 Word
どろぶ Reading Dorobu Romaji

泥浮山 Word
どろぶやま Reading Dorobuyama Romaji

泥工 Traditional 泥工 Simplified
ni2 gong1 Pinyin
Maurer (S) Deutsch

泥古 Word
でいこ Reading Deiko Romaji

泥古 Traditional 泥古 Simplified
ni4 gu3 Pinyin
stick-in-the-mud English to stick to old ways English stubbornly conservative English

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