Character leak, drip; funnel; hour glass Definition
LOU4 LOU2 Pinyin lau6 Jyutping ROU On MORU MORERU MORASU Kun Hangul LWU Korean *lòu Tang lậu Viet
U+F94E Variant

Traditional Simplified
lou4 Pinyin
to leak English to divulge English to leave out by mistake English waterclock or hourglass (old) English

lou4 Reading Pinyin ロウ Reading On . Reading Kun .れる Reading Kun .らす Reading Kun ru Reading Korean Reading Korean
leak Meaning escape Meaning time Meaning fuite (eau, toit) Meaning fr s'échapper (gaz) Meaning fr temps Meaning fr fuga Meaning es escape Meaning es gotera Meaning es gotear Meaning es escaparse Meaning es filtrarse Meaning es rezumar Meaning es vazamento Meaning pt escapar Meaning pt tempo Meaning pt

漏洩 Word 漏泄 Word 漏えい Word
ろうえい Reading ろうせつ Reading
disclosure Translation eng leakage (e.g. of gas or liquids or information) Translation eng escape (e.g. of gas) Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Durchsickern Translation ger (auch z.B. eines Geheimnisses) Translation ger

漏らす Word 洩らす Word
もらす Reading
to let leak Translation eng to reveal Translation eng ausströmen lassen Translation ger aussickern lassen Translation ger durchgehen lassen Translation ger verraten Translation ger enthüllen Translation ger weitererzählen Translation ger (Geheimnis) Translation ger etw. auslassen Translation ger etwas weglassen Translation ger jmdn. entkommen lassen Translation ger zum Ausdruck bringen Translation ger äußern Translation ger erwähnen Translation ger andeuten Translation ger merken lassen Translation ger zu verstehen geben Translation ger nicht unterdrücken können Translation ger (Gefühle etc.) Translation ger laisser fuir Translation fre révéler Translation fre

漏り Word
もり Reading
leak Translation eng leakage (of rain) Translation eng Leck Translation ger undichte Stelle Translation ger

漏る Word
もる Reading
to leak Translation eng to run out Translation eng durchsickern lassen Translation ger durchkommen Translation ger lecken Translation ger auslaufen Translation ger ausrinnen Translation ger austreten Translation ger fuire (ex: fuite d'eau)/s'évader Translation fre

漏れ Word 洩れ Word 泄れ Word
もれ Reading
omission Translation eng leakage Translation eng oversight Translation eng I Translation eng me Translation eng Austreten Translation ger Leck Translation ger Auslassung Translation ger Lücke Translation ger

漏れなく Word 漏れ無く Word
もれなく Reading
without omission Translation eng in full Translation eng ausnahmslos Translation ger ohne Ausnahme Translation ger alles Translation ger

漏れる Word 洩れる Word
もれる Reading
to leak out Translation eng to escape Translation eng to come through Translation eng to shine through Translation eng to filter out Translation eng to be omitted Translation eng auslaufen Translation ger aussickern Translation ger ausrinnen Translation ger lecken Translation ger übergangen werden Translation ger vergessen werden Translation ger nicht bedacht werden Translation ger bekannt werden Translation ger durchsickern Translation ger entschlüpfen Translation ger über die Lippen kommen Translation ger (vi)filtrer Translation fre fuir Translation fre pénétrer Translation fre percer Translation fre s'échapper Translation fre se révéler Translation fre traverser Translation fre

漏れ出す Word
もれだす Reading
to leak out Translation eng

漏れ電流 Word
もれでんりゅう Reading
leakage current Translation eng

漏れ落ちる Word
もれおちる Reading
to leak down Translation eng to be omitted Translation eng to be missing Translation eng

漏れ聞く Word
もれきく Reading
to overhear Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger zufällig hören Translation ger

漏靶 Traditional 漏靶 Simplified
lou4 ba3 Pinyin
verfehlen (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

漏板 Traditional 漏板 Simplified
lou4 ban3 Pinyin
Düse (u.E.) (S, Tech) Deutsch

漏出 Word
ろうしゅつ Reading
leak out Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Auslaufen Translation ger Lecken Translation ger

漏出 Traditional 漏出 Simplified
lou4 chu1 Pinyin
ausströmen (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

漏電 Word
ろうでん Reading
leakage Translation eng short circuit Translation eng power failure Translation eng Stromverlust Translation ger Kurzschluss Translation ger court-circuit Translation fre

漏掉 Traditional 漏掉 Simplified
lou4 diao4 Pinyin
to miss English to leave out English to omit English to be omitted English to be missing English to slip through English to leak out English to seep away English

漏洞 Traditional 漏洞 Simplified
lou4 dong4 Pinyin
leak English hole English gap English loophole English

漏洞 Traditional 漏洞 Simplified
lou4 dong4 Pinyin
Lücke (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Leck (u.E.) (S) Deutsch entweichen, lecken (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

漏斗 Word
じょうご Reading ろうと Reading ロート Reading
funnel Translation eng Trichter Translation ger

漏斗 Traditional 漏斗 Simplified
lou4 dou3 Pinyin
funnel English

漏斗 Traditional 漏斗 Simplified
lou4 dou3 Pinyin
Trichter (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

漏斗谷 Word
しょごだん Reading Shogodan Romaji

漏斗胸 Word
ろうときょう Reading
pectus excavatum Translation eng

漏風 Traditional 漏风 Simplified
lou4 feng1 Pinyin
Luftverlust (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

漏鋼 Traditional 漏钢 Simplified
lou4 gang1 Pinyin
Durchbruch (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

漏鍋 Traditional 漏锅 Simplified
lou4 guo1 Pinyin
colander English strainer English sieve English leaky pot English

漏過 Traditional 漏过 Simplified
lou4 guo4 Pinyin
schleusen (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

漏壺 Traditional 漏壶 Simplified
lou4 hu2 Pinyin
water clock English clepsydra English

漏話 Word
ろうわ Reading
cross talk Translation eng

漏刻 Word
ろうこく Reading
water clock Translation eng Wasseruhr Translation ger (zur Zeitmessung Translation ger nicht Wasserzähler) Translation ger

漏留 Word
もれどめ Reading Moredome Romaji

漏率 Traditional 漏率 Simplified
lou4 lü4 Pinyin
Leckrate (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

漏氣 Traditional 漏气 Simplified
lou4 qi4 Pinyin
to leak air or gas English

漏氣 Traditional 漏气 Simplified
lou4 qi4 Pinyin
Luftverlust (u.E.) (S) Deutsch undicht (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

漏泉 Word
ろうせん Reading Rousen Romaji

漏勺 Traditional 漏勺 Simplified
lou4 shao2 Pinyin
Schaumlöffel (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

漏水 Word
ろうすい Reading
leakage Translation eng Wasserleck Translation ger aus einem Leck austretendes Wasser Translation ger

漏水 Word
もりみず Reading Morimizu Romaji

漏水 Traditional 漏水 Simplified
lou4 shui3 Pinyin
to leak (of water) English

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