Character approach, be on verge of; near Definition
BIN1 Pinyin ban1 pan4 Jyutping HIN On HOTORI Kun Hangul PIN Korean
U+6FD2 Simplified

Traditional Simplified
bin1 Pinyin
to approach English to border on English near English

bin1 Reading Pinyin pin2 Reading Pinyin ヒン Reading On ほとり Reading Kun bin Reading Korean Reading Korean
shore Meaning brink Meaning verge Meaning

瀕する Word
ひんする Reading
to be on the verge of Translation eng to be about to Translation eng to be on the point of Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger nahe sein Translation ger dabei sein Translation ger am Rande von ... sein Translation ger

瀕海 Traditional 濒海 Simplified
bin1 hai3 Pinyin
coastal English bordering the sea English

瀕海 Traditional 濒海 Simplified
bin1 hai3 Pinyin
küstennah (u.E.) Deutsch

瀕河 Traditional 濒河 Simplified
bin1 he2 Pinyin
bordering a river English riparian English

瀕近 Traditional 濒近 Simplified
bin1 jin4 Pinyin
on the brink English

瀕臨 Traditional 濒临 Simplified
bin1 lin2 Pinyin
on the verge of English close to English

瀕滅 Traditional 濒灭 Simplified
bin1 mie4 Pinyin
on the brink of extinction English

瀕死 Word ひん死 Word 頻死 Word
ひんし Reading
dying Translation eng (on the) verge of death Translation eng Sterben Translation ger Im-Sterben-Liegen Translation ger

瀕死 Traditional 濒死 Simplified
bin1 si3 Pinyin
nearing death English on the point of demise English approaching extinction English

瀕死状態 Word
ひんしじょうたい Reading
moribund state Translation eng near-death Translation eng barely alive condition Translation eng

瀕危 Traditional 濒危 Simplified
bin1 wei1 Pinyin
endangered (species) English in imminent danger English critically ill English

瀕危物種 Traditional 濒危物种 Simplified
bin1 wei1 wu4 zhong3 Pinyin
endangered species English

瀕於 Traditional 濒于 Simplified
bin1 yu2 Pinyin
near to English approaching (collapse) English

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