Character crackle, pop, burst, explode Definition
BAO4 BO2 Pinyin baau3 Jyutping BAKU On SAKERU YAKU Kun Hangul PHOK PAK Korean

ばく Reading
exclamation Translation eng burst of laughter Translation eng

ばく Reading Baku Romaji

Traditional Simplified
bao4 Pinyin
to explode or burst English to quick fry or quick boil English

bao4 Reading Pinyin バク Reading On .ぜる Reading Kun pog Reading Korean bag Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
bomb Meaning burst open Meaning pop Meaning split Meaning bombe Meaning fr faire éclater Meaning fr exploser Meaning fr craquer Meaning fr estallar Meaning es reventar Meaning es explotar Meaning es bomba Meaning pt explodir Meaning pt estouro Meaning pt fender Meaning pt

爆轟 Word 爆ごう Word
ばくごう Reading
detonation Translation eng

爆ぜる Word 罅ぜる Word
はぜる Reading
to burst open Translation eng to pop Translation eng to split Translation eng aufplatzen Translation ger aufspringen Translation ger bersten Translation ger

爆出 Traditional 爆出 Simplified
bao4 chu1 Pinyin
to burst out English to appear unexpectedly English to break (media story) English

爆彈 Traditional 爆弹 Simplified
bao4 dan4 Pinyin
bomb English explosion English

爆肚 Traditional 爆肚 Simplified
bao4 du3 Pinyin
deep fried tripe English

爆肚兒 Traditional 爆肚儿 Simplified
bao4 du3 r5 Pinyin
erhua variant of 爆肚[bao4 du3] English

爆肚兒 Traditional 爆肚儿 Simplified
bao4 du3 er1 Pinyin
schnell gebratene Kutteln (u.E.) Deutsch

爆發 Traditional 爆发 Simplified
bao4 fa1 Pinyin
to break out English to erupt English to explode English to burst out English

爆發性 Traditional 爆发性 Simplified
bao4 fa1 xing4 Pinyin
explosiveness English recoil English

爆発 Word
ばくはつ Reading
explosion Translation eng detonation Translation eng eruption Translation eng Explosion Translation ger Detonation Translation ger Bersten Translation ger Platzen Translation ger Entladung Translation ger Verpuffung Translation ger Ausbruch Translation ger éruption Translation fre détonation Translation fre explosion Translation fre взры́в Translation rus

爆発的 Word
ばくはつてき Reading
explosive Translation eng tremendous Translation eng explosionsartig Translation ger comme une traînée de poudre Translation fre

爆発管 Word
ばくはつかん Reading
detonator Translation eng Detonator Translation ger

爆発力 Word
ばくはつりょく Reading
explosive power Translation eng Explosionswirkung Translation ger Explosionskraft Translation ger

爆発物 Word
ばくはつぶつ Reading
explosive (material) Translation eng Sprengstoff Translation ger Explosivstoff Translation ger

爆発性 Word
ばくはつせい Reading
explosiveness Translation eng Explosivität Translation ger

爆発音 Word
ばくはつおん Reading
sound of an explosion Translation eng

爆風 Word
ばくふう Reading
blast Translation eng Explosionswelle Translation ger Druckwelle Translation ger

爆穀 Traditional 爆穀 Simplified
bao4 gu3 Pinyin
Popkorn, Popcorn (u.E.) (S, Ess) Deutsch

爆管 Traditional 爆管 Simplified
bao4 guan3 Pinyin
cartridge igniter English squib English

爆光 Traditional 爆光 Simplified
bao4 guang1 Pinyin
photographic exposure English public exposure English

爆花 Traditional 爆花 Simplified
bao4 hua1 Pinyin
see 爆玉米花[bao4 yu4 mi3 hua1] English

爆撃 Word
ばくげき Reading
bombing (raid) Translation eng {Milit.} Bombardierung Translation ger Bombenangriff Translation ger Bombardement Translation ger bombardement Translation fre

爆撃機 Word
ばくげきき Reading
bomber Translation eng {Milit.} Bombenflugzeug Translation ger Bomber Translation ger бомбардиро́вщик Translation rus

爆開 Traditional 爆开 Simplified
bao4 kai1 Pinyin
platzen (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

爆雷 Word
ばくらい Reading
depth charge Translation eng Seemine Translation ger

爆冷 Traditional 爆冷 Simplified
bao4 leng3 Pinyin
an upset (esp. in sports) English unexpected turn of events English to pull off a coup English a breakthrough English

爆裂 Word
ばくれつ Reading
exploding Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Sprengung Translation ger Explosion Translation ger подрыв Translation rus взрыв Translation rus

爆裂 Traditional 爆裂 Simplified
bao4 lie4 Pinyin
burst English crack English

爆裂弾 Word
ばくれつだん Reading
bomb Translation eng bombshell Translation eng {Milit.} Sprengmine Translation ger

爆美 Word
ばくみ Reading Bakumi Romaji

爆米花 Traditional 爆米花 Simplified
bao4 mi3 hua1 Pinyin
puffed rice English popcorn English

爆鳴 Traditional 爆鸣 Simplified
bao4 ming2 Pinyin
crack English exploding sound English

爆鳴氣 Traditional 爆鸣气 Simplified
bao4 ming2 qi4 Pinyin
Knallgas (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

爆棚 Traditional 爆棚 Simplified
bao4 peng2 Pinyin
full to bursting English

爆棚 Traditional 爆棚 Simplified
bao4 peng2 Pinyin
Kassenschlager (u.E.) (S, Werk) Deutsch

爆破 Word
ばくは Reading
destructive blast Translation eng explosion Translation eng blow up Translation eng Explosion Translation ger Sprengung Translation ger

爆破 Traditional 爆破 Simplified
bao4 po4 Pinyin
to blow up English to demolish (using explosives) English dynamite English blast English

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