Character bed, couch; bench; chassis Definition
CHUANG2 Pinyin cong4 Jyutping SOU SHOU On YUKA Kun Hangul SANG Korean *jrhiɑng Tang giường Viet
U+5E8A Variant

Word Word
ゆか Reading
floor Translation eng stage (for the narrator and the shamisen player) Translation eng dining platform built across a river Translation eng Fußboden Translation ger Boden Translation ger plancher Translation fre пол Translation rus

Word Word
しょう Reading
counter for beds Translation eng

ゆか Reading Yuka Romaji

Traditional Simplified
chuang2 Pinyin

chuan2 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On ソウ Reading On ゆか Reading Kun sang Reading Korean Reading Korean
bed Meaning couch Meaning bench Meaning chassis Meaning

床几 Word 牀几 Word 床机 Word
しょうぎ Reading
camp stool Translation eng folding stool Translation eng Feldstuhl Translation ger Klappstuhl Translation ger

牀山 Word
しょうざん Reading Shouzan Romaji

床榻 Word 牀榻 Word
しょうとう Reading
bed Translation eng seat Translation eng bench Translation eng

牀沿 Traditional 床沿 Simplified
chuang2 yan2 Pinyin
bedside English

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