Character hunt; field sports Definition
U+7375 Variant

りょう Reading
hunting Translation eng game Translation eng Jagd Translation ger Jagdbeute Translation ger Beute Translation ger chasse Translation fre

りょう Reading Ryou Romaji

Traditional Simplified
lie4 Pinyin
Japanese variant of | English

lie4 Reading Pinyin リョウ Reading On レフ Reading On かり Reading Kun . Reading Kun ryeob Reading Korean Reading Korean
game-hunting Meaning shooting Meaning game Meaning bag Meaning chasse sportive Meaning fr tir Meaning fr jeu Meaning fr sac Meaning fr cazar Meaning es cacería Meaning es caçada Meaning pt disparar Meaning pt caçar Meaning pt

猟場 Word
りょうば Reading
hunting grounds Translation eng Jagdrevier Translation ger Jagdgrund Translation ger

猟場 Word
りょうば Reading Ryouba Romaji

猟銃 Word
りょうじゅう Reading
hunting gun Translation eng sportsgun Translation eng Jagdgewehr Translation ger Jagdflinte Translation ger fusil de chasse Translation fre

猟古 Word
りょうこ Reading Ryouko Romaji

猟官 Word
りょうかん Reading
office-seeking Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Jagd nach Translation ger (öffentlichen) Translation ger Ämtern Translation ger

スポイルズシステム Reading
spoils system Translation eng
猟官制 Crossref

猟官制 Word
りょうかんせい Reading
spoils system Translation eng

海獺 Word 猟虎 Word 海猟 Word
らっこ Reading うみうそ Reading うみおそ Reading ラッコ Reading
sea otter (Enhydra lutris) Translation eng {Zool.} Seeotter Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Enhydra lutris> Translation ger <Herk.: japan. Name aus d. Ainu>) Translation ger Source Language ain

猟期 Word 猟季 Word
りょうき Reading
hunting season Translation eng Jagdsaison Translation ger Jagdzeit Translation ger

猟具 Word
りょうぐ Reading
hunting gear Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Jagdausrüstung Jagdgerät Translation ger

猟鳥 Word
りょうちょう Reading
game bird Translation eng jagbarer Vogel Translation ger

猟奇 Word
りょうき Reading
seeking the bizarre Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Suche nach Absonderlichkeiten Translation ger Hang zur Groteske Translation ger

猟犬 Word
りょうけん Reading かりいぬ Reading
hound Translation eng hunting dog Translation eng gun dog Translation eng Jagdhund Translation ger chien de chasse Translation fre

猟犬座 Word
りょうけんざ Reading
(constellation) Hunting dogs Translation eng Canes Venatici Translation eng {Astron.} Jagdhunde Translation ger (lat.) Translation ger Canes Venatici Translation ger (ein Sternbild des nördl. Himmels) Translation ger

狩人 Word 猟人 Word
かりゅうど Reading かりうど Reading りょうじん Reading さつひと Reading かりびと Reading
hunter Translation eng Jäger Translation ger chasseur Translation fre poursuivant Translation fre охо́тник Translation rus

猟色 Word
りょうしょく Reading
lechery Translation eng philandering Translation eng lewdness Translation eng debauchery Translation eng

猟山 Word
りょうやま Reading Ryouyama Romaji

猟師 Word
りょうし Reading
hunter Translation eng huntsman Translation eng Jäger Translation ger Weidmann Translation ger chasseur Translation fre

猟師 Word
りょうし Reading Ryoushi Romaji

猟獣 Word
りょうじゅう Reading
game animal Translation eng
狩猟動物 Crossref

猟田 Word
りょうだ Reading Ryouda Romaji

猟町 Word
りょうまち Reading Ryoumachi Romaji

猟友 Word
りょうゆう Reading
hunting companion Translation eng

猟友会 Word
りょうゆうかい Reading
hunting club Translation eng

猟沢 Word
りょうさわ Reading Ryousawa Romaji

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