Character jug, pitcher, vase, jar, bottle Definition
PING2 Pinyin peng4 ping4 Jyutping HEI BIN On KAME Kun PYENG Korean bình Viet
U+7F3E Variant

かめ Reading
earthenware pot Translation eng

Word Word Word
びん Reading
bottle Translation eng Flasche Translation ger Zählwort für Flaschen Translation ger bocal Translation fre bouteille Translation fre flacon Translation fre бутылка Translation rus

earthenware vessle for food and drink Translation eng

かめじ Reading Kameji Romaji

Traditional Simplified
ping2 Pinyin
bottle English vase English pitcher English classifier for wine and liquids English

ping2 Reading Pinyin ビン Reading On かめ Reading Kun へい Nanori Nanori Nanori byeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
flower pot Meaning bottle Meaning vial Meaning jar Meaning jug Meaning vat Meaning urn Meaning pot de fleurs Meaning fr fiole Meaning fr pot Meaning fr pichet Meaning fr cuve Meaning fr urne Meaning fr botella Meaning es frasco Meaning es jarra Meaning es urna Meaning es tarro Meaning es Vaso de flores Meaning pt garrafa Meaning pt garrafinha Meaning pt jarro Meaning pt barril Meaning pt cântaro Meaning pt

墨水 Traditional 墨水 Simplified
mo4 shui3 Pinyin
ink English

煤氣 Traditional 煤气 Simplified
mei2 qi4 Pinyin
coal gas English gas English

牛奶 Traditional 牛奶 Simplified
niu2 nai3 Pinyin
cow's milk English

礦泉水 Traditional 矿泉水 Simplified
kuang4 quan2 shui3 Pinyin
mineral spring water English

香檳酒 Traditional 香槟酒 Simplified
xiang1 bin1 jiu3 Pinyin
champagne English

桔子水 Traditional 桔子水 Simplified
ju2 zi5 shui3 Pinyin
orange juice English

殺蟲劑 Traditional 杀虫剂 Simplified
sha1 chong2 ji4 Pinyin
insecticide English pesticide English

瓶ケ森 Word
かめがもり Reading Kamegamori Romaji

瓶ヶ森 Word
かめがもり Reading Kamegamori Romaji

瓶に詰める Word
びんにつめる Reading
to fill a bottle Translation eng in Flaschen füllen Translation ger

瓶の栓 Word
びんのせん Reading
bottle stopper Translation eng Korken Translation ger

瓶ビール Word
びんビール Reading
bottled beer Translation eng bottle beer Translation eng

缾鼻鯨 Traditional 瓶鼻鲸 Simplified
ping2 bi2 jing1 Pinyin
Entenwale (u.E.) Deutsch

瓶城 Word
へいじょう Reading Heijou Romaji

瓶代 Word
かめよ Reading Kameyo Romaji

缾膽 Traditional 瓶胆 Simplified
ping2 dan3 Pinyin
Thermosflaschen-Glaseinsatz (u.E.) Deutsch

瓶底 Word
びんてい Reading Bintei Romaji

瓶底眼鏡 Word
びんぞこめがね Reading
thick glasses Translation eng bottle bottom glasses Translation eng

瓶多郎 Word
かめたろう Reading Kametarou Romaji

瓶多朗 Word
かめたろう Reading Kametarou Romaji

瓶二 Word
かめじ Reading Kameji Romaji

瓶二 Word
へいじ Reading Heiji Romaji

瓶二郎 Word
かめじろう Reading Kamejirou Romaji

瓶二朗 Word
かめじろう Reading Kamejirou Romaji

瓶夫 Word
かめお Reading Kameo Romaji

瓶割 Word
かめわり Reading Kamewari Romaji

瓶掛 Word
びんかけ Reading
instrument used in tea ceremony Translation eng

瓶壺 Word
かめつぼ Reading Kametsubo Romaji

瓶吉 Word
かめきち Reading Kamekichi Romaji

瓶詰め Word 瓶詰 Word
びんづめ Reading
bottling Translation eng bottled Translation eng Flaschenabfüllung Translation ger (f) Translation ger en bouteille Translation fre

缾經 Traditional 瓶经 Simplified
ping2 jing1 Pinyin
Flaschenhals, Engpass (u.E.) Deutsch

瓶井 Word
かめい Reading Kamei Romaji

瓶頸 Traditional 瓶颈 Simplified
ping2 jing3 Pinyin
bottleneck English

缾頸 Traditional 瓶颈 Simplified
ping2 jing3 Pinyin
Flaschenhals, Engpass (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

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