はつ Reading
departure Translation eng departing (from ...) Translation eng departing (at time ...) Translation eng beginning Translation eng issued by (e.g. document) Translation eng counter for gunshots Translation eng counter for blows (punches) Translation eng commencement Translation fre début Translation fre départ Translation fre

数発 Word
すうぱつ Reading
several shots Translation eng several blows Translation eng

あきら Reading Akira Romaji

のぶ Reading Nobu Romaji

はつ Reading Hatsu Romaji

はり Reading Hari Romaji

ばら Reading Bara Romaji

ひらき Reading Hiraki Romaji

ひらく Reading Hiraku Romaji

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fa1 Reading Pinyin ハツ Reading On ホツ Reading On . Reading Kun あば. Reading Kun おこ. Reading Kun つか.わす Reading Kun はな. Reading Kun Nanori Nanori bal Reading Korean Reading Korean
discharge Meaning departure Meaning publish Meaning emit Meaning start from Meaning disclose Meaning counter for gunshots Meaning départ Meaning fr décharge Meaning fr dégagement Meaning fr publier Meaning fr émettre Meaning fr partir de Meaning fr divulguer Meaning fr compteur de coups de feu Meaning fr abrir Meaning es exponer Meaning es suceder Meaning es liberar Meaning pt partida Meaning pt publicar Meaning pt emitir Meaning pt a partir de Meaning pt revelar Meaning pt

発癌 Word 発ガン Word
はつがん Reading はつガン Reading
cancer causing Translation eng carcinogenesis Translation eng {Med.} Krebserregung Translation ger Karzinogenese Translation ger

発癌性 Word 発がん性 Word
はつがんせい Reading
carcinogenic Translation eng cancer causing Translation eng {Med.} Krebserregendes Translation ger Karzinogenese Translation ger cancérigène Translation fre

発する Word
はっする Reading
to fire (a gun) Translation eng to emit Translation eng to give forth Translation eng (schriftspr.) senden Translation ger schicken Translation ger geben Translation ger erlassen Translation ger ergehen lassen Translation ger erteilen Translation ger ausstrahlen Translation ger ausströmen Translation ger abgeben Translation ger abfeuern Translation ger von sich geben Translation ger ausstoßen Translation ger (einen Laut etc.) Translation ger erheben Translation ger (Geschrei) Translation ger entspringen Translation ger stammen Translation ger émettre Translation fre pousser (un cri) Translation fre испускать Translation rus издавать Translation rus проистекать Translation rus

立つ Word 発つ Word
たつ Reading
to find oneself (e.g. in a difficult position) Translation eng to depart (on a plane, train, etc.) Translation eng to stand Translation eng to rise Translation eng to stand up Translation eng aufstehen Translation ger sich aufrichten Translation ger sich auf die Beine stellen Translation ger aufgehen Translation ger aufsteigen Translation ger in die Luft steigen Translation ger errichtet werden Translation ger abfahren Translation ger abgehen Translation ger abreisen Translation ger aufbrechen Translation ger verdampfen Translation ger verdunsten Translation ger eine Erektion haben Translation ger démarrer Translation fre partir Translation fre être érigé Translation fre être dressé Translation fre être levé Translation fre tenir debout Translation fre стоять Translation rus вставать (с места) Translation rus

発癌物質 Word
はつがんぶっしつ Reading
carcinogen Translation eng {Med.} krebserregende Stoff Translation ger Karzinogen Translation ger

発案 Word
はつあん Reading
idea Translation eng suggestion Translation eng initiation of a proposal Translation eng Vorschlag Translation ger Anregung Translation ger Einfall Translation ger Idee Translation ger Gedanke Translation ger Plan Translation ger Einbringung Translation ger (eines Gesetzentwurfes) Translation ger

発案者 Word
はつあんしゃ Reading
original proposer Translation eng originator Translation eng proponent Translation eng initiator Translation eng Entwerfer Translation ger

発坂 Word
はつさか Reading Hatsusaka Romaji

発坂 Word
ほっさか Reading Hossaka Romaji

発坂 Word
ほつさか Reading Hotsusaka Romaji

発表 Word
はっぴょう Reading
announcement Translation eng publication Translation eng Verkündigung Translation ger Bekanntmachung Translation ger Bekanntgabe Translation ger Veröffentlichung Translation ger annonce Translation fre parution Translation fre publication Translation fre публикация Translation rus опубликование Translation rus

発表会 Word
はっぴょうかい Reading
recital (i.e. of music, by a pupil) Translation eng presentation (e.g. product launch) Translation eng Vorstellung Translation ger Vorführung Translation ger

発表者 Word
はっぴょうしゃ Reading
announcer Translation eng

発病 Word
はつびょう Reading
attack (disease) Translation eng {Med.} Erkrankung Translation ger Ausbruch einer Krankheit Translation ger (vs) tomber malade Translation fre

発哺 Word
ほっぽ Reading Hoppo Romaji

発布 Word
はっぷ Reading
proclamation Translation eng promulgation Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Proklamation Translation ger Promulgation Translation ger Bekanntmachung Translation ger Erlass Translation ger Verkündigung Translation ger

発歩 Word
はつほ Reading Hatsuho Romaji

発蔵 Word
はつぞう Reading Hatsuzou Romaji

発場 Word
はつじょう Reading
arrival Translation eng place of arrival Translation eng

発乗 Word
はつのり Reading Hatsunori Romaji

引赤 Word
いんせき Reading
rubefaction (reddening of the skin) Translation eng
発赤 Crossref

発出 Word
はっしゅつ Reading
issue Translation eng sending out Translation eng Passieren Translation ger Geschehen Translation ger

発出 Word
はついで Reading Hatsuide Romaji

発出 Word
はつで Reading Hatsude Romaji

発達 Word
はったつ Reading
development Translation eng growth Translation eng Entwicklung Translation ger Fortschritte Translation ger Vergrößerung Translation ger Wachstum Translation ger évolution Translation fre croissance Translation fre développement Translation fre развитие Translation rus

発達段階 Word
はったつだんかい Reading
developmental stage Translation eng Entwicklungsstufe Translation ger

発地 Word
ほっち Reading Hocchi Romaji

発地 Word
ほつち Reading Hotsuchi Romaji

発地川 Word
ほっちがわ Reading Hocchigawa Romaji

発地岡 Word
ほっちおか Reading Hocchioka Romaji

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