Character spear, lance; KangXi radical 110 Definition
MAO2 Pinyin maau4 Jyutping MU BOU On HOKO Kun Hangul MO Korean miou Tang mâu Viet

Word Word Word Word Word Word Word
ほこ Reading とかり Reading
weapon Translation eng arms Translation eng grip of a bow Translation eng long-handled Chinese spear Translation eng lance Translation eng pike Translation eng {Milit.} Hellebarde Translation ger Spieß Translation ger Speer Translation ger épieu Translation fre hallebarde Translation fre

銅矛 Word 銅鉾 Word
どうほこ Reading どうぼこ Reading
bronze hoko Translation eng bronze halberd Translation eng bronze spearhead Translation eng

Radical Radical
spear Meaning

Traditional Simplified
mao2 Pinyin
spear English lance English pike English

mao2 Reading Pinyin Reading On ボウ Reading On ほこ Reading Kun mo Reading Korean Reading Korean
halberd Meaning arms Meaning festival float Meaning hallebarde Meaning fr armes Meaning fr char de festival Meaning fr alabarda Meaning es armas Meaning es alabarda Meaning pt armas Meaning pt carro alegórico Meaning pt

矛柄 Traditional 矛柄 Simplified
mao2 bing3 Pinyin
shaft English

矛柄 Traditional 矛柄 Simplified
mao2 bing3 Pinyin
Penis, Schacht (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

矛盾 Word
むじゅん Reading
contradiction Translation eng inconsistency Translation eng Widerspruch Translation ger Unvereinbarkeit Translation ger Unverträglichkeit Translation ger contradiction Translation fre désaccord Translation fre непосле́довательность Translation rus

矛盾 Traditional 矛盾 Simplified
mao2 dun4 Pinyin
contradictory English contradiction English

矛盾 Traditional 矛盾 Simplified
mao2 dun4 Pinyin
Auseinandersetzung (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

矛盾地 Traditional 矛盾地 Simplified
mao2 dun4 de5 Pinyin
widersprüchlich (u.E.) Deutsch

矛盾律 Traditional 矛盾律 Simplified
mao2 dun4 lü4 Pinyin
Kontradiktion (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

矛盾心理 Traditional 矛盾心理 Simplified
mao2 dun4 xin1 li3 Pinyin
Ambivalenz (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

矛盾語法 Word
むじゅんごほう Reading
oxymoron Translation eng

矛甫 Word
むほ Reading Muho Romaji

矛偏 Word
ほこへん Reading
kanji "spear" radical at left Translation eng

矛頭 Traditional 矛头 Simplified
mao2 tou2 Pinyin
spearhead English barb English an attack or criticism English

矛頭 Traditional 矛头 Simplified
mao2 tou2 Pinyin
einführen, Sturmspitze (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Widerhaken (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

矛先 Word 鉾先 Word Word
ほこさき Reading
point of spear Translation eng aim of attack Translation eng force of argument Translation eng Speerspitze Translation ger Angriffsziel Translation ger die Kraft eines Arguments Translation ger diriger une attaque contre Translation fre pointe de fer Translation fre

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