Character cave, den, hole; KangXi radical 116 Definition
XUE2 JUE2 XUE4 Pinyin jyut6 Jyutping KETSU On ANA Kun Hangul HYEL Korean *huet Tang huyệt Viet

Word Word
あな Reading
hole Translation eng deficit Translation eng shortage Translation eng missing person (in a team, meeting, etc.) Translation eng vacancy Translation eng opening Translation eng flaw Translation eng profitable place (or item, etc.) not well known by others Translation eng upset victory (with a large payoff) Translation eng pit (of a theater) Translation eng hiding place Translation eng underbelly (of society, etc.) Translation eng Loch Translation ger Höhle Translation ger Öffnung Translation ger Ritze Translation ger Spalte Translation ger Leck Translation ger Senke Translation ger Beule Translation ger Höhle Translation ger Loch Translation ger Bau Translation ger Grube Translation ger Bergwerk Translation ger Lücke Translation ger Verlust Translation ger Defizit Translation ger Fehler Translation ger Grab Translation ger Grube Translation ger Außenseiter Translation ger trou Translation fre
穴が開いている Crossref 平土間 Crossref

Word Word
けつ Reading
ass Translation eng arse Translation eng buttocks Translation eng rear Translation eng end Translation eng acupuncture point Translation eng Arsch Translation ger Popo Translation ger Hintern Translation ger

Radical Radical
cave Meaning

あな Reading Ana Romaji

Traditional Simplified
xue2 Pinyin xue4 Taiwan
cave English cavity English hole English acupuncture point English

xue4 Reading Pinyin xue2 Reading Pinyin ケツ Reading On あな Reading Kun けな Nanori しし Nanori Nanori hyeol Reading Korean Reading Korean
hole Meaning aperture Meaning slit Meaning cave Meaning den Meaning trou Meaning fr orifice Meaning fr fente Meaning fr grotte Meaning fr tanière Meaning fr agujero Meaning es hueco Meaning es cueva Meaning es lugar poco conocido Meaning es lugar escondido Meaning es buraco Meaning pt orifício Meaning pt brecha Meaning pt caverna Meaning pt gruta Meaning pt

穴あけ Word 穴開け Word
あなあけ Reading
drilling Translation eng

穴開け器 Word 穴あけ器 Word
あなあけき Reading
(hole) punch Translation eng stiletto Translation eng Locher Translation ger Bohrer Translation ger Perforiermaschine Translation ger trou Translation fre

開く Word 空く Word 明く Word
あく Reading
to open (e.g. doors) Translation eng to open (e.g. business, etc.) Translation eng to be empty Translation eng to be vacant Translation eng to be available Translation eng to be free Translation eng to be open (e.g. neckline, etc.) Translation eng to have been opened (of one's eyes, mouth, etc.) Translation eng to come to an end Translation eng to open (one's eyes, mouth, etc.) Translation eng to have a hole Translation eng to form a gap Translation eng to have an interval (between events) Translation eng sich öffnen Translation ger aufgehen Translation ger sich aufschließen Translation ger auffliegen Translation ger leer sein Translation ger leer werden Translation ger frei werden Translation ger nicht im Gebrauch haben Translation ger fertig sein Translation ger frei haben Translation ger se lever (l'aube) Translation fre être moins encombré Translation fre se désemplir Translation fre être ouvert Translation fre se vider Translation fre быть пустым Translation rus быть свободным (о месте) Translation rus
穴が開いている Crossref

穴ヶ鼻 Word
あながはな Reading Anagahana Romaji

穴ヶ乢 Word
あながたわ Reading Anagatawa Romaji

穴ヶ谷 Word
あながや Reading Anagaya Romaji

穴ケ沢 Word
あながさわ Reading Anagasawa Romaji

穴だらけだ Word
あなだらけだ Reading
hold no water Translation eng being full of holes Translation eng

穴に嵌まる Word
あなにはまる Reading
to fall in a pit Translation eng

穴に陥る Word
あなにおちいる Reading
to fall in a pit Translation eng

穴の川 Word
あなのかわ Reading Ananokawa Romaji

穴を開ける Word 穴を空ける Word
あなをあける Reading
to cause a loss Translation eng to make a hole (in) Translation eng

穴を埋める Word
あなをうめる Reading
to fill in a hole Translation eng to plug up a hole Translation eng to fill in for a vacancy Translation eng

穴闇 Word
なぐら Reading Nagura Romaji

穴凹 Word
あなぼこ Reading
hole Translation eng hollow Translation eng

穴本 Word
あなもと Reading Anamoto Romaji

穴杓子 Word
あなじゃくし Reading
perforated ladle Translation eng {Kochk.} Kelle mit Löchern Translation ger (zum Abschöpfen) Translation ger

穴播 Traditional 穴播 Simplified
xue2 bo1 Pinyin
bunch planting English

穴部 Word
あなべ Reading Anabe Romaji

穴蔵 Word 穴倉 Word Word
あなぐら Reading
cellar Translation eng Keller Translation ger Kellerloch Translation ger Grotte Translation ger

穴倉 Word
あなくら Reading Anakura Romaji

穴倉 Word
あなぐら Reading Anagura Romaji

穴倉 Word
ししくら Reading Shishikura Romaji

穴蔵 Word
あなくら Reading Anakura Romaji

穴蔵 Word
あなぐら Reading Anagura Romaji

穴藏 Word
あなくら Reading Anakura Romaji

穴場 Word
あなば Reading
little-known good place Translation eng vergessener Winkel Translation ger Geheimtipp Translation ger ein guter Ort, der ziemlich unbekannt ist Translation ger Uni mit guten Eintrittsbedingungen Translation ger

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