Character writing brush; write; stroke Definition
BI3 Pinyin bat1 Jyutping HITSU On FUDE Kun Hangul PHIL Korean *byit Tang bút Viet
U+7B14 Simplified

ふで Reading
writing brush Translation eng Pinsel Translation ger Handschrift Translation ger Schrift Translation ger pinceau (pour écrire) Translation fre

ふで Reading Fude Romaji

ふでさき Reading Fudesaki Romaji

ふみ Reading Fumi Romaji

Traditional Simplified
bi3 Pinyin
pen English pencil English writing brush English to write or compose English the strokes of Chinese characters English classifier for sums of money, deals English

Traditional Simplified
bi3 Pinyin
Feder, Stift (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

bi3 Reading Pinyin ヒツ Reading On ふで Reading Kun くし Nanori pil Reading Korean Reading Korean
writing brush Meaning writing Meaning painting brush Meaning handwriting Meaning pinceau Meaning fr écriture Meaning fr pincel Meaning es escritura Meaning es pincel de escritura Meaning es Pincel de escrever Meaning pt escrever Meaning pt pincel Meaning pt manuscrito Meaning pt

交易 Traditional 交易 Simplified
jiao1 yi4 Pinyin
(business) transaction English business deal English

Traditional Simplified
zhai4 Pinyin
debt English

利息 Traditional 利息 Simplified
li4 xi1 Pinyin
interest (on a loan) English

巨款 Traditional 巨款 Simplified
ju4 kuan3 Pinyin
huge sum of money English

款子 Traditional 款子 Simplified
kuan3 zi5 Pinyin
a sum of money English

生意 Traditional 生意 Simplified
sheng1 yi5 Pinyin
business English

稿費 Traditional 稿费 Simplified
gao3 fei4 Pinyin
author's remuneration English

經費 Traditional 经费 Simplified
jing1 fei4 Pinyin
funds English expenditure English

財產 Traditional 财产 Simplified
cai2 chan3 Pinyin
property English

貸款 Traditional 贷款 Simplified
dai4 kuan3 Pinyin
a loan English to provide a loan (e.g. bank) English

遺產 Traditional 遗产 Simplified
yi2 chan3 Pinyin
heritage English legacy English inheritance English bequest English

Traditional Simplified
qian2 Pinyin
coin English money English

開支 Traditional 开支 Simplified
kai1 zhi1 Pinyin
expenditures English pay English expenses English

收入 Traditional 收入 Simplified
shou1 ru4 Pinyin
to take in English income English revenue English

費用 Traditional 费用 Simplified
fei4 yong4 Pinyin
cost English expenditure English expense English

筆が立つ Word
ふでがたつ Reading
good writer Translation eng wielding a facile pen Translation eng gut schreiben Translation ger guter Schreiber sein Translation ger

筆ケ崎 Word
ふでがさき Reading Fudegasaki Romaji

筆ヶ崎 Word
ふでがさき Reading Fudegasaki Romaji

筆の海 Word
ふでのうみ Reading Fudenoumi Romaji

筆ノ海 Word
ふでのうみ Reading Fudenoumi Romaji

筆の屋 Word
ふでのや Reading Fudenoya Romaji

筆ペン Word
ふでペン Reading
calligraphy pen Translation eng

筆まめ Word 筆忠実 Word
ふでまめ Reading
good correspondent Translation eng ready writer Translation eng Schreibfertigkeit Translation ger Spaß am Schreiben Translation ger

筆を置く Word 筆を擱く Word
ふでをおく Reading
to stop writing Translation eng to put down one's pen Translation eng to close (a letter) Translation eng den Pinsel niederlegen Translation ger mit dem Schreiben aufhören Translation ger einen Text schließen Translation ger

筆を執る Word
ふでをとる Reading
to pen Translation eng to write Translation eng to draw Translation eng schreiben Translation ger zur Feder greifen Translation ger

筆ん崎 Word
ふでんさき Reading Fudensaki Romaji

筆安 Word
ふでやす Reading Fudeyasu Romaji

筆坂 Word
ふでさか Reading Fudesaka Romaji

筆宝 Word
ひっぽう Reading Hippou Romaji

筆宝 Word
ひつほう Reading Hitsuhou Romaji

筆宝 Word
ひつぽう Reading Hitsupou Romaji

筆保 Word
ふでやす Reading Fudeyasu Romaji

筆本 Word
ふでもと Reading Fudemoto Romaji

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