Character rank, grade; wait; equal; 'etc.' Definition
DENG3 Pinyin dang2 Jyutping TOU On HITOSHII NADO RA Kun Hangul TUNG Korean *də̌ng Tang đẳng Viet
U+6729 Variant

Word Word
など Reading
et cetera Translation eng etc. Translation eng and the like Translation eng and so forth Translation eng (indicating an approximate quote or vague suggestion) or something Translation eng (lessening the significance or value of the previous word) the likes of Translation eng

とう Reading
class Translation eng order Translation eng rank Translation eng et cetera (etc.) Translation eng and the like Translation eng equal Translation eng
等・など Crossref

pluralizing suffix (often humble, derogatory or familiar) Translation eng and others Translation eng et alios Translation eng and the like Translation eng and followers Translation eng or so (rough indicator of direction, location, amount, etc.) Translation eng (after the stem of an adjective) nominalizing suffix Translation eng
清ら Crossref あちら Crossref いくら Crossref

ひと Reading Hito Romaji

ひとし Reading Hitoshi Romaji

Traditional Simplified
deng3 Pinyin
class English rank English grade English equal to English same as English to wait for English to await English et cetera English and so on English et al. (and other authors) English after English as soon as English once English

Traditional Simplified
deng3 Pinyin
(auf etwas oder jemanden) warten (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

deng3 Reading Pinyin トウ Reading On ひと.しい Reading Kun など Reading Kun -ら Reading Kun Nanori Nanori deung Reading Korean Reading Korean
etc. Meaning and so forth Meaning class (first) Meaning quality Meaning equal Meaning similar Meaning et ainsi de suite Meaning fr etc... Meaning fr semblable Meaning fr classe (1ère) Meaning fr qualité Meaning fr égal Meaning fr pluriel (peu respectueux) Meaning fr clase Meaning es calidad Meaning es igual que Meaning es igual Meaning es etcétera Meaning es etc. Meaning pt e assim por diante Meaning pt classe ( Meaning pt ) Meaning pt qualidade Meaning pt igual Meaning pt semelhante Meaning pt

なんぞ Reading なぞ Reading なんど Reading
et cetera Translation eng etc. Translation eng and the like Translation eng and so forth Translation eng
等・など Crossref

等しい Word 均しい Word 斉しい Word
ひとしい Reading
equal Translation eng similar Translation eng like Translation eng equivalent Translation eng (schriftspr.) gleich Translation ger gleichsam Translation ger so gut wie Translation ger fast Translation ger égal Translation fre de valeur égale Translation fre

等しく Word
ひとしく Reading
equally Translation eng evenly Translation eng gleich Translation ger gleichmäßig Translation ger gleichermaßen Translation ger gleicherweise Translation ger

等を分ける Word
とうをわける Reading
to grade Translation eng to classify Translation eng

等安 Word
とうあん Reading Touan Romaji

等比 Word
とうひ Reading
equal ratio Translation eng

等比數列 Traditional 等比数列 Simplified
deng3 bi3 shu4 lie4 Pinyin
geometric progression English

等比重 Traditional 等比重 Simplified
deng3 bi3 zhong4 Pinyin
isobar (u.E.) (Adj, Phys) Deutsch

等伯 Word
とうはく Reading Touhaku Romaji

等倉 Word
とうくら Reading Toukura Romaji

等蔵 Word
しなぞう Reading Shinazou Romaji

等差 Word
とうさ Reading
(equal) difference Translation eng gradueller Unterschied Translation ger Grad Translation ger Unterschied Translation ger Abstand zu einem Standard Translation ger

等差 Traditional 等差 Simplified
deng3 cha1 Pinyin
degree of disparity English equal difference English

等差級数 Word
とうさきゅうすう Reading
arithmetic series Translation eng {Math.} arithmetische Folge Translation ger arithmetische Reihe Translation ger

等長 Traditional 等长 Simplified
deng3 chang2 Pinyin
isometrisch (u.E.) Deutsch

等車 Traditional 等车 Simplified
deng3 che1 Pinyin
auf dem Zug oder Bus warten (u.E.) Deutsch

等持寺 Word
とうじじ Reading Toujiji Romaji

等持院 Word
とうじいん Reading Toujiin Romaji

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