Character admit, take, receive, accept Definition
NA4 Pinyin naap6 Jyutping TOU NOU NA On OSAMERU IRERU Kun Hangul NAP Korean *nop Tang nạp Viet
U+7EB3 Simplified

いり Reading Iri Romaji

いる Reading Iru Romaji

おさむ Reading Osamu Romaji

おさめ Reading Osame Romaji

Reading Na Romaji

なう Reading Nau Romaji

なや Reading Naya Romaji

のう Reading Nou Romaji

のうざき Reading Nouzaki Romaji

Traditional Simplified
Na4 Pinyin
surname Na English

Traditional Simplified
na4 Pinyin
to receive English to accept English to enjoy English to bring into English to pay (tax etc) English nano- (one billionth) English to reinforce sole of shoes or stockings by close sewing English

na4 Reading Pinyin ノウ Reading On ナッ Reading On Reading On ナン Reading On トウ Reading On おさ.める Reading Kun -おさ.める Reading Kun おさ.まる Reading Kun Nanori Nanori nab Reading Korean Reading Korean
settlement Meaning obtain Meaning reap Meaning pay Meaning supply Meaning store Meaning installer Meaning fr obtenir Meaning fr récolter Meaning fr payer Meaning fr réserve Meaning fr remise Meaning fr hangar Meaning fr pagar Meaning es proveer Meaning es suministrar Meaning es entregar Meaning es finalizar Meaning es concluir Meaning es acordo Meaning pt obtem Meaning pt colheita Meaning pt pagamento Meaning pt oferta Meaning pt loja Meaning pt

納まらない Word
おさまらない Reading
feeling grieved Translation eng unsatisfied Translation eng unzufrieden sein Translation ger

収まり Word 納まり Word 治まり Word
おさまり Reading
conclusion Translation eng end Translation eng settlement Translation eng Enden Translation ger Beilegung Translation ger Lösung Translation ger

収まる Word 納まる Word
おさまる Reading
to be in one's place Translation eng to be installed Translation eng to settle into Translation eng to be delivered Translation eng to be obtained Translation eng to be paid Translation eng to lessen (e.g. of storms, pain) Translation eng to calm down Translation eng to be fit tightly into (e.g. a frame) Translation eng to be sheathed (in a scabbard) Translation eng to be settled Translation eng to be sorted out Translation eng hineingehen Translation ger hineinpassen Translation ger sich legen Translation ger sich beruhigen Translation ger enden Translation ger übernehmen Translation ger (eine Position) Translation ger zustimmen Translation ger einwilligen Translation ger être délivré Translation fre être obtenu Translation fre être payé Translation fre être réglé Translation fre être à sa place Translation fre être installé Translation fre s'établir Translation fre s'installer Translation fre
治まる Crossref 治まる Crossref

納め Word
おさめ Reading
the last Translation eng the end Translation eng the closing Translation eng

収める Word 納める Word
おさめる Reading
to dedicate Translation eng to make an offering Translation eng to pay (fees) Translation eng to supply Translation eng to store Translation eng to finish Translation eng to bring to a close Translation eng to restore (something to its place) Translation eng to achieve (e.g. a result) Translation eng einnehmen Translation ger annehmen Translation ger erwerben Translation ger gewinnen Translation ger bezahlen Translation ger zahlen Translation ger schenken Translation ger spenden Translation ger stiften Translation ger abliefern Translation ger liefern Translation ger beenden Translation ger fournir Translation fre mettre Translation fre obtenir Translation fre payer Translation fre prendre Translation fre ranger Translation fre recueillir Translation fre stocker Translation fre

納め札 Word
おさめふだ Reading
votive card or tablet Translation eng treasury or granary receipt statement Translation eng
納札 Crossref

納堡子 Word
なほこ Reading Nahoko Romaji

納杯 Word
のうはい Reading
last cup (at a banquet) Translation eng

納貝斯克 Traditional 纳贝斯克 Simplified
na4 bei4 si1 ke4 Pinyin
Nabisco (u.E.) Deutsch

納本 Word
のうほん Reading
delivery of books Translation eng presentation copy Translation eng Buchlieferung Translation ger Widmungsexemplar Translation ger Vorlageexemplar Translation ger

納本 Word
おくもと Reading Okumoto Romaji

納本 Word
のうもと Reading Noumoto Romaji

納本 Word
のもと Reading Nomoto Romaji

納布盧斯 Traditional 纳布卢斯 Simplified
na4 bu4 lu2 si1 Pinyin
Nablus (u.E.) (Geo) Deutsch

納部 Word
のべ Reading Nobe Romaji

納菜 Word
なな Reading Nana Romaji

納蔵西 Word
のうざにし Reading Nouzanishi Romaji

納場 Word
のうば Reading Nouba Romaji

納城 Word
のうしろ Reading Noushiro Romaji

納持 Word
のうじ Reading Nouji Romaji

納虫 Word
おさむ Reading Osamu Romaji

納楚 Word
のうそ Reading Nouso Romaji

納粹 Traditional 纳粹 Simplified
na4 cui4 Pinyin
Nazi (German: Nationalsozialismus) English

納粹 Traditional 纳粹 Simplified
na4 cui4 Pinyin
Nazi (u.E.) (S) Deutsch nazistisch (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

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