Character hem Definition
U+7DE3 Variant

ゆかり Reading
related to (some place) Translation eng affinity Translation eng connection Translation eng Beziehung Translation ger Verbindung Translation ger Verwandtschaft Translation ger Bekanntschaft Translation ger

いん Reading
cause Translation eng factor Translation eng the basis of one's argument (in hetuvidya) Translation eng hetu (direct cause, esp. as opposed to indirect conditions) Translation eng Ursache Translation ger Grund Translation ger Anlass Translation ger Veranlassung Translation ger Wurzel Translation ger
Crossref 因明 Crossref

Word 江に Word
えん Reading えにし Reading えに Reading Reading
relationship (e.g. between two people) Translation eng bond Translation eng link Translation eng connection Translation eng family ties Translation eng affinity Translation eng opportunity Translation eng chance (to meet someone and start a relationship) Translation eng fate Translation eng destiny (esp. as a mysterious force that binds two people together) Translation eng pratyaya (indirect conditions, as opposed to direct causes) Translation eng narrow open-air veranda Translation eng Chance Translation ger Schicksal Translation ger Karma Translation ger Verwandtschaft Translation ger Blutsverwandtschaft Translation ger Affinität Translation ger Beziehung Translation ger Heirat Translation ger (f) Translation ger Verhältnis Translation ger Verbindung Translation ger japanische Veranda Translation ger connexion Translation fre destin Translation fre karma Translation fre relation Translation fre связь Translation rus отношения Translation rus родство Translation rus
Restriction Restriction Restriction Restriction

ふち Reading
(surrounding) edge Translation eng Rand Translation ger Kante Translation ger Krempe Translation ger Saum Translation ger Felge Translation ger Einfassung Translation ger Rand Translation ger bord Translation fre coin (extérieur) Translation fre край Translation rus кайма Translation rus

Word Word 便 Word
よすが Reading よすか Reading
something to rely on Translation eng aid Translation eng clue Translation eng way Translation eng means Translation eng someone to rely on Translation eng relative Translation eng reminder Translation eng memento Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Mittel Translation ger

へり Reading
edge Translation eng tip Translation eng margin Translation eng

えにし Reading Enishi Romaji

えん Reading En Romaji

ちなみ Reading Chinami Romaji

ゆか Reading Yuka Romaji

ゆかり Reading Yukari Romaji

より Reading Yori Romaji

Traditional Simplified
yuan2 Pinyin
Japanese variant of | English

yuan2 Reading Pinyin エン Reading On -ネン Reading On ふち Reading Kun ふちど. Reading Kun ゆかり Reading Kun よすが Reading Kun へり Reading Kun えにし Reading Kun yeon Reading Korean dan Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
affinity Meaning relation Meaning connection Meaning edge Meaning border Meaning verge Meaning brink Meaning affinité Meaning fr relation Meaning fr karma Meaning fr rapport Meaning fr bord Meaning fr bordure Meaning fr afinidad Meaning es relación Meaning es conexión Meaning es borde Meaning es frontera Meaning es margen Meaning es afinidade Meaning pt relação Meaning pt conexão Meaning pt margem Meaning pt borda Meaning pt limite Meaning pt extremidade Meaning pt

縁がある Word
えんがある Reading
to be fated to Translation eng be linked by fate Translation eng

縁がない Word 縁が無い Word
えんがない Reading
have no relation to Translation eng have no luck with Translation eng not be fated to Translation eng
縁のない Crossref

縁のない Word 縁の無い Word
えんのない Reading
unrelated Translation eng unconnected Translation eng
縁がない Crossref

縁が遠い Word
えんがとおい Reading
distantly related Translation eng
縁の遠い Crossref

縁の遠い Word
えんのとおい Reading
distantly related Translation eng
縁が遠い Crossref

縁付く Word 縁づく Word
えんづく Reading
to marry Translation eng heiraten Translation ger sich verheiraten Translation ger einheiraten Translation ger

因って Word 仍って Word 依って Word 縁って Word
よって Reading
therefore Translation eng consequently Translation eng accordingly Translation eng because of Translation eng zufolge Translation ger entsprechend Translation ger nach Translation ger gemas Translation ger auf der Basis von ... Translation ger wegen Translation ger von Translation ger durch Translation ger mit Translation ger mittels Translation ger

縁取る Word 縁る Word 縁どる Word
ふちどる Reading
to (add a) border or fringe Translation eng einrahmen Translation ger säumen Translation ger mit einem Rand versehen Translation ger

縁の下 Word
えんのした Reading
under the floor Translation eng out of sight Translation eng in background Translation eng Platz unter der Veranda Translation ger

縁を結ぶ Word
えんをむすぶ Reading
to get married Translation eng to contract a marriage Translation eng

切る Word
きる Reading
to sever (connections, ties) Translation eng to turn off (i.e. the light) Translation eng to trump Translation eng (in Go) to isolate (an opponent's stone) Translation eng (after the -masu stem of a verb) to finish Translation eng to complete Translation eng to cut (usu. to cut through) Translation eng to terminate (i.e. a conversation) Translation eng to hang up (the phone) Translation eng to disconnect Translation eng to punch (a ticket) Translation eng to tear off (a stub) Translation eng to open (something sealed) Translation eng to start Translation eng to set (a limit) Translation eng to reduce Translation eng to decrease Translation eng to discount Translation eng to shake off (water, etc.) Translation eng to let drip-dry (or drain) Translation eng to cross Translation eng to do (something noticeable) Translation eng to turn (a vehicle) Translation eng to cut (the ball) Translation eng to shuffle (cards) Translation eng schneiden Translation ger aufschlitzen Translation ger abschneiden Translation ger kreuzen Translation ger durchschneiden Translation ger ausschalten Translation ger abstellen Translation ger abbrechen Translation ger auflegen Translation ger unterschreiten Translation ger égoutter Translation fre émincer Translation fre éteindre Translation fre être capable de Translation fre abattre Translation fre achever Translation fre avoir fini Translation fre couper Translation fre couper (communication) Translation fre couper en bandes Translation fre couper en morceaux Translation fre déconnecter Translation fre faire un rabais Translation fre finir Translation fre interrompre Translation fre rompre Translation fre scier Translation fre sculpter Translation fre tailler Translation fre terminer Translation fre tondre Translation fre trancher Translation fre traverser (une rue) Translation fre vendre à perte Translation fre резать Translation rus
疲れきる Crossref 電話を切る Crossref 噛み切る Crossref 縁を切る Crossref 切り札 Crossref 値切る Crossref

縁を切る Word
えんをきる Reading
to get a divorce Translation eng to sever connections Translation eng Verbindung zu jmdm. abbrechen Translation ger mit jmdm. brechen Translation ger sich von jmdm. lossagen Translation ger

縁般 Word
まさかず Reading Masakazu Romaji

縁本 Word
えんもと Reading Enmoto Romaji

縁本 Word
へりもと Reading Herimoto Romaji

縁側 Word
えんがわ Reading
veranda Translation eng porch Translation eng balcony Translation eng open corridor Translation eng {Archit.} Veranda Translation ger Vorbau Translation ger Vorlaube Translation ger Balkon Translation ger balcon Translation fre corridor extérieur Translation fre véranda Translation fre вера́нда Translation rus откры́тый коридо́р Translation rus

縁場 Word
えんば Reading Enba Romaji

縁川 Word
えんかわ Reading Enkawa Romaji

縁川 Word
みどりかわ Reading Midorikawa Romaji

縁定め Word
えんさだめ Reading
marriage contract Translation eng Übereinkunft über die Heirat Translation ger (f) Translation ger

縁辺 Word
えんぺん Reading
edge Translation eng relative Translation eng relations Translation eng border Translation eng Rand Translation ger Verwandtschaft Translation ger Verlöbnis Translation ger Hochzeit Translation ger

縁付ける Word
えんづける Reading
to marry off Translation eng to give in marriage Translation eng jmdn. verheiraten Translation ger zur Braut geben Translation ger Braut für jmdn. finden Translation ger

縁谷 Word
えんや Reading En'ya Romaji

縁故 Word
えんこ Reading
relation Translation eng connection Translation eng affinity Translation eng Beziehung Translation ger Verbindungen Translation ger Verwandtschaft Translation ger

縁故政治 Word
えんこせいじ Reading
crony politics Translation eng nepotistic government Translation eng

縁光 Word
へりみつ Reading Herimitsu Romaji

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