Character deaf Definition
LONG2 Pinyin lung4 Jyutping
U+807E Traditional

Traditional Simplified
long2 Pinyin
deaf English

聾聵 Traditional 聋聩 Simplified
long2 kui4 Pinyin
deaf English fig. stupid and ignorant English

聾啞 Traditional 聋哑 Simplified
long2 ya3 Pinyin
taubstumm (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

聾啞人 Traditional 聋哑人 Simplified
long2 ya3 ren2 Pinyin
a deaf mute person English

聾又啞 Traditional 聋又哑 Simplified
long2 you4 ya3 Pinyin
taubstumm (u.E.) Deutsch

聾子 Traditional 聋子 Simplified
long2 zi5 Pinyin
der Taube; Gehörlose (S) Deutsch

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