Character deaf Definition
LONG2 Pinyin lung4 Jyutping ROU On TSUNBO Kun Hangul LONG Korean lung Tang
U+804B Simplified U+F945 Variant

つんぼ Reading みみしい Reading
deafness Translation eng deaf person Translation eng Taubheit Translation ger Taube Translation ger

はすみ Reading Hasumi Romaji

はすもと Reading Hasumoto Romaji

Traditional Simplified
long2 Pinyin
deaf English

long2 Reading Pinyin ロウ Reading On ろう.する Reading Kun つんぼ Reading Kun みみしい Reading Kun rong Reading Korean Reading Korean
deafness Meaning deaf person Meaning deafen Meaning

聾する Word
ろうする Reading
to deafen Translation eng taub machen Translation ger zur Taubheit führen Translation ger

聾分校 Word
ろうぶんこう Reading Roubunkou Romaji

聾聵 Traditional 聋聩 Simplified
long2 kui4 Pinyin
deaf English fig. stupid and ignorant English

聾人 Word
ろうじん Reading Roujin Romaji

聾田 Word
つんだ Reading Tsunda Romaji

聾田 Word
つんぼだ Reading Tsunboda Romaji

聾兎 Word
ろうと Reading Routo Romaji

聾学校 Word
ろうがっこう Reading
school for the deaf Translation eng Schule für Taube Translation ger
聾唖学校 Crossref

聾学校 Word
もうがっこう Reading Mougakkou Romaji

聾学校 Word
ろうがっこう Reading Rougakkou Romaji

聾唖 Word
ろうあ Reading
deafness Translation eng deaf-mute Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Taubstummheit Translation ger

聾唖学校 Word
ろうあがっこう Reading
school for the deaf Translation eng Taubstummenschule Translation ger

聾唖者 Word
ろうあしゃ Reading
deaf and mute person Translation eng Taubstummer Translation ger

聾啞 Traditional 聋哑 Simplified
long2 ya3 Pinyin
taubstumm (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

聾啞人 Traditional 聋哑人 Simplified
long2 ya3 ren2 Pinyin
a deaf mute person English

聾又啞 Traditional 聋又哑 Simplified
long2 you4 ya3 Pinyin
taubstumm (u.E.) Deutsch

聾者 Word ろう者 Word
ろうしゃ Reading
deaf person Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Tauber Translation ger taube Person Translation ger

聾子 Traditional 聋子 Simplified
long2 zi5 Pinyin
der Taube; Gehörlose (S) Deutsch

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