Character the large intestine; the body Definition
DONG4 Pinyin dung6 Jyutping DOU TOU On DOU Kun Hangul TONG Korean

どう Reading
trunk Translation eng torso Translation eng body Translation eng abdomen Translation eng waist Translation eng plastron (in kendo) Translation eng touching the plastron (kimari-te in kendo) Translation eng frame (of a drum, etc.) Translation eng sound box (of a shamisen, etc.) Translation eng hull (of a ship) Translation eng Rumpf Translation ger Taille Translation ger Leib Translation ger Schallkörper Translation ger caisse Translation fre corps Translation fre fût Translation fre taille Translation fre

Traditional Simplified
dong4 Pinyin
large intestine English torso English

Traditional Simplified
dong4 Pinyin
Dickdarm (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

dong4 Reading Pinyin ドウ Reading On dong Reading Korean Reading Korean
trunk Meaning torso Meaning hull (ship) Meaning hub of wheel Meaning tronc (du corps) Meaning fr torse Meaning fr coque (bateau) Meaning fr moyeu Meaning fr tronco (cuerpo) Meaning es torso Meaning es tronco Meaning pt torso Meaning pt casco (navio) Meaning pt cubo de roda Meaning pt

胴が長い Word
どうがながい Reading
having a long body Translation eng long-bodied Translation eng einen langen Rumpf haben Translation ger
胴の長い Crossref

胴の長い Word
どうのながい Reading
long-bodied Translation eng
胴が長い Crossref

胴差し Word
どうざし Reading
(wooden) girder Translation eng girt Translation eng

胴長 Word
どうなが Reading
possessing a long torso Translation eng langer Körper Translation ger langer Torso Translation ger

胴締め Word
どうじめ Reading
belt Translation eng scissors maneuver (in wrestling, judo, etc.) Translation eng scissors manoeuvre Translation eng Gürtel Translation ger Gurt Translation ger

胴回り Word
どうまわり Reading
waist Translation eng girth Translation eng measurement around waist Translation eng Taille Translation ger Taillenweite Translation ger Taillenumfang Translation ger tour de taille Translation fre

胴間声 Word
どうまごえ Reading
(vulgar) thick voice Translation eng Grabesstimme Translation ger

胴乱 Word
どうらん Reading
case for botanical specimens Translation eng Botanisiertrommel Translation ger Ranzen Translation ger

胴切り Word
どうぎり Reading
cutting horizontally into the torso (with a sword) Translation eng Quer-Durchschneiden Translation ger runde Scheiben Translation ger Abschnitt Translation ger

胴巻き Word
どうまき Reading
bellyband Translation eng money belt Translation eng Geldgürtel Translation ger Geldkatze Translation ger

胴上げ Word 胴揚げ Word
どうあげ Reading
lifting a person high (in celebration) Translation eng tossing someone into the air Translation eng carrying someone on shoulders Translation eng In-die-Luft-Werfen einer Person durch viele andere Translation ger hisser Translation fre lever Translation fre porter Translation fre

胴体 Word
どうたい Reading
body Translation eng trunk Translation eng torso Translation eng Rumpf Translation ger Körper Translation ger Torso Translation ger Schiffsrumpf Translation ger Flugzeugrumpf Translation ger Hubschrauberrumpf Translation ger corps Translation fre torse Translation fre

胴突き Word 胴突 Word
どうづき Reading
ramming Translation eng rammer Translation eng

ど忘れ Word ド忘れ Word 度忘れ Word 胴忘れ Word
どわすれ Reading
lapse of memory Translation eng forgetting for a moment something one knows well Translation eng (something) slipping one's mind Translation eng momentanes Vergessen Translation ger oubli ponctuel Translation fre perte de mémoire Translation fre trou de mémoire Translation fre

胴脇 Word
どうわき Reading Douwaki Romaji

胴衣 Word
どうい Reading
padded, sleeveless undergarment Translation eng vest Translation eng {Kleidung} Weste Translation ger

胴着 Word 胴衣 Word
どうぎ Reading
(sleeveless) undergarment Translation eng padded undershirt Translation eng {Kleidung} Weste Translation ger Wams Translation ger Kamisol Translation ger Koller Translation ger
胴衣・どうい Crossref

胴欲 Word 胴慾 Word
どうよく Reading
avarice Translation eng heartlessness Translation eng greed Translation eng Geiz Translation ger Habgier Translation ger Raubgier Translation ger Herzlosigkeit Translation ger Unmenschlichkeit Translation ger

胴元 Word
どうもと Reading
bookmaker (in gambling) Translation eng manager Translation eng Bankier im Glücksspiel Translation ger Boss Translation ger Chef Translation ger

胴張 Word
どうばり Reading Doubari Romaji

胴震い Word
どうぶるい Reading
shivering Translation eng Zittern Translation ger

胴中 Word
どうなか Reading
trunk Translation eng torso Translation eng Leib Translation ger Körpermitte Translation ger Zentrum Translation ger

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