Character breast, bosom, chest; thorax Definition
XIONG1 Pinyin hung1 Jyutping KYOU On MUNE Kun Hangul HYUNG Korean xiong Tang hông Viet
U+80F7 Variant

むね Reading
breast Translation eng chest Translation eng Brust Translation ger Brustkasten Translation ger Busen Translation ger Lunge Translation ger Herz Translation ger Gemüt Translation ger Seele Translation ger Sodbrennen Translation ger poitrine Translation fre грудь Translation rus

Traditional Simplified
xiong1 Pinyin
chest English bosom English heart English mind English thorax English

xiong1 Reading Pinyin キョウ Reading On むね Reading Kun むな- Reading Kun hyung Reading Korean Reading Korean
bosom Meaning breast Meaning chest Meaning heart Meaning feelings Meaning poitrine Meaning fr seins Meaning fr coeur Meaning fr sentiments Meaning fr pecho Meaning es corazón Meaning es sentimientos Meaning es seio Meaning pt peito Meaning pt tórax Meaning pt coração Meaning pt sentimentos Meaning pt

胸躍る Word 胸おどる Word
むねおどる Reading
heart-pounding Translation eng exciting Translation eng thrilling Translation eng heartrending Translation eng

胸が悪くなる Word
むねがわるくなる Reading
to feel sick Translation eng to be nauseated Translation eng jmdm. ist übel Translation ger Übelkeit fühlen Translation ger

胸が躍る Word
むねがおどる Reading
to be excited Translation eng to be elated Translation eng

胸に畳む Word
むねにたたむ Reading
to keep to oneself Translation eng to bear in mind Translation eng etw. für sich halten Translation ger etw. in seiner Brust verschließen Translation ger

胸に浮かぶ Word
むねにうかぶ Reading
to come to mind Translation eng to pop into one's head Translation eng

胸に一物 Word
むねにいちもつ Reading
machination Translation eng secret plan Translation eng plot Translation eng trick up one's sleeve Translation eng

胸鰭 Word 胸びれ Word
むなびれ Reading
pectoral fin Translation eng

胸を病む Word
むねをやむ Reading
to become consumptive Translation eng es auf der Brust haben Translation ger Probleme mit der Brust haben Translation ger lungenleidend sein Translation ger

胸を打つ Word
むねをうつ Reading
to be touching Translation eng to be moving Translation eng

撫で下ろす Word 撫で下す Word
なでおろす Reading
to stroke down Translation eng to smooth down Translation eng nach untern schlagen Translation ger aufatmen Translation ger erleichtert sein Translation ger
胸を撫で下ろす Crossref

胸を焦がす Word
むねをこがす Reading
to yearn for Translation eng to pine for Translation eng

胸を痛める Word
むねをいためる Reading
to worry oneself (about) Translation eng sich Sorgen machen Translation ger sich mit etw. belasten Translation ger

胸奥 Word
きょうおう Reading
one's heart of hearts Translation eng the depths of one's mind Translation eng Grund des Herzens Translation ger Tiefe des Herzens Translation ger

胸白貂 Word
むなじろてん Reading ムナジロテン Reading
stone marten Translation eng beech marten (Martes foina) Translation eng

胸板 Word
むないた Reading
breast Translation eng chest Translation eng {Anat.} Brustbein Translation ger Brustknochen Translation ger

胸本 Word
むねもと Reading Munemoto Romaji

胸壁 Word
きょうへき Reading
chest walls Translation eng breastworks Translation eng parapet Translation eng {Anat.} Brustwand Translation ger Thoraxwand Translation ger Brustwehr Translation ger Brüstung Translation ger

胸部 Word
きょうぶ Reading
chest Translation eng breast Translation eng {Anat.} Brust Translation ger Brustgegend Translation ger Thorax Translation ger poitrine Translation fre sein Translation fre thorax Translation fre

胸部 Traditional 胸部 Simplified
xiong1 bu4 Pinyin
chest English bosom English

胸部 Traditional 胸部 Simplified
xiong1 bu4 Pinyin
Brüste (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Brust (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Thorax (u.E.) (S, Med) Deutsch Titten (u.E.) (S, vulg) Deutsch

胸部疾患 Word
きょうぶしっかん Reading
chest disease Translation eng {Anat.} Brustkrankheit Translation ger Lungenkrankheit Translation ger

胸部外科 Word
きょうぶげか Reading
thoracic surgery Translation eng

胸倉 Word 胸座 Word
むなぐら Reading
collar Translation eng lapels Translation eng chest Translation eng Revers Translation ger

胸川 Word
むねがわ Reading Munegawa Romaji

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