Character draw near, approach; descend Definition
LIN2 LIN4 Pinyin lam4 Jyutping RIN On NOZOMU Kun Hangul LIM Korean *lim Tang
U+4E34 Simplified U+F9F6 Variant

のぞみ Reading Nozomi Romaji

のぞむ Reading Nozomu Romaji

りん Reading Rin Romaji

Traditional Simplified
lin2 Pinyin
to face English to overlook English to arrive English to be (just) about to English just before English

lin2 Reading Pinyin リン Reading On のぞ. Reading Kun Nanori rim Reading Korean Reading Korean
look to Meaning face Meaning meet Meaning confront Meaning attend Meaning call on Meaning faire face à Meaning fr rencontrer Meaning fr affronter Meaning fr assister à Meaning fr passer voir Meaning fr se rendre sur place Meaning fr exceptionnel Meaning fr asistir Meaning es encontrar Meaning es encarar Meaning es enfrentarse Meaning es confrontar Meaning es considerar Meaning pt enfrentar Meaning pt reunião Meaning pt confrontar Meaning pt coparecer Meaning pt invocar Meaning pt

覗く Word 覘く Word 窺く Word 臨く Word
のぞく Reading
to peek (though a keyhole, gap, etc.) Translation eng to look down into (a ravine, etc.) Translation eng to peek into (a shop, bookstore, etc.) Translation eng to sneak a look at Translation eng to take a quick look at Translation eng to peep (through a telescope, microscope, etc.) Translation eng to stick out (a scarf from a collar, etc.) Translation eng to peek through (sky though a forest canopy, etc.) Translation eng to face Translation eng gucken Translation ger blicken Translation ger anschauen Translation ger einen Blick werfen Translation ger herausgucken Translation ger jeter un coup d'œil Translation fre regarder à la dérobée Translation fre

臨み Word
のぞみ Reading
challenge Translation eng confrontation Translation eng

臨む Word
のぞむ Reading
to look out on Translation eng to face Translation eng to deal with Translation eng to attend (e.g. function) Translation eng to appear (e.g. in court) Translation eng (schriftspr.) liegen nach Translation ger blicken auf Translation ger mit der Front stehen nach Translation ger stehen Translation ger entgegensehen Translation ger entgegentreten Translation ger sich gegenüber sehen Translation ger anwesend sein Translation ger kommen Translation ger sich begeben Translation ger beiwohnen Translation ger teilnehmen Translation ger begegnen Translation ger participer à Translation fre être présent à Translation fre assister à Translation fre avoir vue sur Translation fre donner sur Translation fre faire face à Translation fre affronter Translation fre faire face à Translation fre

臨安 Traditional 临安 Simplified
lin2 an1 Pinyin
Lin'an (Ort in Zhejiang) (u.E.) (Eig, Geo) Deutsch

臨安市 Traditional 临安市 Simplified
lin2 an1 shi4 Pinyin
Lin'an (u.E.) (Geo) Deutsch

臨別 Traditional 临别 Simplified
lin2 bie2 Pinyin
on parting English facing separation English

臨別 Traditional 临别 Simplified
lin2 bie2 Pinyin
beim Abschied (u.E.) Deutsch

臨滄 Traditional 临沧 Simplified
Lin2 cang1 Pinyin
Lincang prefecture level city in Yunnan English

臨滄 Traditional 临沧 Simplified
lin2 cang1 Pinyin
Lincang (Ort in Yunnan) (u.E.) (Eig, Geo) Deutsch

臨場 Word
りんじょう Reading
visit Translation eng presence Translation eng attendance Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Anwesenheit Translation ger Besuch Translation ger

臨場 Traditional 临场 Simplified
lin2 chang3 Pinyin
to take an exam English to take part in a race English to go personally to the place English

臨場感 Word
りんじょうかん Reading
presence Translation eng Präsenz Translation ger

臨城 Traditional 临城 Simplified
lin2 cheng2 Pinyin
Lincheng (Ort in Hebei) (u.E.) (Eig, Geo) Deutsch

臨川 Word
りんせん Reading Rinsen Romaji

臨川區 Traditional 临川区 Simplified
lin2 chuan1 qu1 Pinyin
Linchuan (u.E.) (Geo) Deutsch

臨床 Traditional 临床 Simplified
lin2 chuang2 Pinyin
clinical English

臨床 Traditional 临床 Simplified
lin2 chuang2 Pinyin
klinisch (u.E.) (Adj, Med) Deutsch

臨床講義 Word
りんしょうこうぎ Reading
clinic Translation eng clinical lecture Translation eng {Med.} klinische Vorlesung Translation ger Klinikum Translation ger

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