Character attend, be present; arrive at Definition
LI4 Pinyin lei6 Jyutping RI REI On NOZOMU Kun Hangul LI Korean
U+849E Traditional

のぞき Reading Nozoki Romaji

Traditional Simplified
li4 Pinyin
to attend (an official function) English to be present English to administer English to approach (esp. as administrator) English

Traditional Simplified
li4 Pinyin
bedienen, erledigen (u.E.) Deutsch

li4 Reading Pinyin Reading On レイ Reading On るい Reading Kun のぞ. Reading Kun . Reading Kun ri Reading Korean Reading Korean
proceed to Meaning assume a post Meaning

莅戸 Word
のぞき Reading Nozoki Romaji

莅戸 Word
のぞきど Reading Nozokido Romaji

莅戸 Word
のど Reading Nodo Romaji

蒞臨 Traditional 莅临 Simplified
li4 lin2 Pinyin
erscheinen, anwesend sein (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

莅留 Word
りる Reading Riru Romaji

蒞任 Traditional 莅任 Simplified
li4 ren4 Pinyin
to attend English to take office English to be present (in administrative capacity) English

蒞事者 Traditional 莅事者 Simplified
li4 shi4 zhe3 Pinyin
an official English person holding post English local functionary English

蒞止 Traditional 莅止 Simplified
li4 zhi3 Pinyin
to approach English to come close English

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