Character question, interrogate Definition
JIE2 Pinyin gat1 kit3 Jyutping KITSU On TSUMERU NAJIRU TSUMARU Kun Hangul HIL Korean cật Viet
U+8BD8 Simplified

詰め Word Word
つめ Reading づめ Reading
stuffing Translation eng packing Translation eng end (esp. the foot of a bridge) Translation eng lowest-ranking guest at tea ceremony Translation eng tea master Translation eng endgame (esp. in shogi or used figuratively) Translation eng sweet eel sauce Translation eng middle-aged woman Translation eng appointment to a particular workplace Translation eng using as the sole ground of judgement (judgment) Translation eng (after the -masu stem of a verb) continuing Translation eng keep doing for period of time Translation eng Stopfen Translation ger Packen Translation ger {Shôgi, Go} letzte Züge Translation ger Züge, um ein Spiel zu beenden Translation ger Ende Translation ger Schluss Translation ger Abschluss Translation ger Schlussfolgerung Translation ger

さきづめ Reading Sakidzume Romaji

Traditional Simplified
jie2 Pinyin
investigate English restrain English scold English

Traditional Simplified
jie2 Pinyin
nachforschen, erforschen (u.E.) Deutsch

jie2 Reading Pinyin キツ Reading On キチ Reading On .める Reading Kun . Reading Kun -づ. Reading Kun .まる Reading Kun . Reading Kun ずめ Nanori づめ Nanori hil Reading Korean Reading Korean
packed Meaning close Meaning pressed Meaning reprove Meaning rebuke Meaning blame Meaning hermétiquement clos Meaning fr conserve Meaning fr coincé Meaning fr réprimande Meaning fr blâme Meaning fr pedir informes Meaning es empaquetar Meaning es rellenar Meaning es reprobar Meaning es reprender Meaning es trabajar duro Meaning es empacotado Meaning pt fechar Meaning pt pressionar Meaning pt reprovar Meaning pt repreender Meaning pt culpa Meaning pt

詰の内 Word
つめのうち Reading Tsumenouchi Romaji

詰まらせる Word
つまらせる Reading
to make shorter Translation eng

詰らない Word 詰まらない Word
つまらない Reading
dull Translation eng uninteresting Translation eng boring Translation eng insignificant Translation eng trifling Translation eng langweilig Translation ger uninteressant Translation ger wertlos Translation ger geringfügig Translation ger unbedeutend Translation ger nichtswürdig Translation ger dumm Translation ger albern Translation ger blöde Translation ger blödsinnig Translation ger unrentabel Translation ger wenig einträglich Translation ger unbefriedigend Translation ger ennuyeux Translation fre insignifiant Translation fre

詰まらぬ Word 詰らぬ Word
つまらぬ Reading
dull Translation eng uninteresting Translation eng boring Translation eng insignificant Translation eng trifling Translation eng
詰まらない Crossref

詰まらなそう Word
つまらなそう Reading
bored Translation eng bored-looking Translation eng uninterested Translation eng
詰まらなさそう Crossref

詰まらなさそう Word
つまらなさそう Reading
bored Translation eng bored-looking Translation eng uninterested Translation eng
詰まらなそう Crossref

詰まらん Word 詰らん Word
つまらん Reading
dull Translation eng uninteresting Translation eng boring Translation eng insignificant Translation eng trifling Translation eng
詰まらぬ Crossref

詰まり Word 詰り Word
つまり Reading
in short Translation eng in brief Translation eng in other words Translation eng that is to say Translation eng in the long run Translation eng after all Translation eng blockade Translation eng stuffing Translation eng ultimate Translation eng Füllung Translation ger Verstopfung Translation ger Ende Translation ger nämlich Translation ger kurzum Translation ger kurz gesagt Translation ger mit anderen Worten Translation ger letzten Endes Translation ger langfristig gesehen Translation ger après tout Translation fre blocus Translation fre bouché Translation fre bref Translation fre enfin Translation fre farce Translation fre final Translation fre

詰まる Word
つまる Reading
to be blocked Translation eng to be packed Translation eng to hit the ball near the handle of the bat (baseball) Translation eng verstopft sein Translation ger stocken Translation ger stecken bleiben Translation ger sich verstopfen Translation ger voll sein Translation ger vollgestopft sein Translation ger gefüllt sein Translation ger schrumpfen Translation ger einschrumpfen Translation ger kürzer werden Translation ger kleiner werden Translation ger eingehen Translation ger ratlos sein Translation ger nicht ein noch aus wissen Translation ger schachmatt sein Translation ger être bloqué, bloquer Translation fre être coincé, coincer (sous la poussée) Translation fre être plein a craquer Translation fre raccourcir (vi) Translation fre frapper la balle près de la poignée de la batte (baseball) Translation fre

詰まる所 Word 詰まるところ Word
つまるところ Reading
in sum Translation eng in short Translation eng in the end Translation eng letzten Endes Translation ger

詰み Word
つみ Reading
checkmate Translation eng {Shôgi} Matt Translation ger Schachmatt Translation ger

詰む Word
つむ Reading
to become fine Translation eng dicht gewebt sein Translation ger engmaschig sein Translation ger {Shôgi} mattgesetzt sein Translation ger être en échec et mat (aux échecs chinois (shôgi)) Translation fre se retrouver coincé Translation fre

ツメ Reading
to close up (editing mark) Translation eng
詰め Crossref

詰め掛ける Word 詰掛ける Word 詰めかける Word
つめかける Reading
to crowd (a house) Translation eng to throng to (a door) Translation eng sich drängen Translation ger zusammenströmen Translation ger

詰める Word
つめる Reading
to pack Translation eng to fill Translation eng to plug Translation eng to stop up Translation eng to shorten (length or distance) Translation eng to move over Translation eng to make room (for someone) Translation eng to work out (details) Translation eng stopfen Translation ger füllen Translation ger einpacken Translation ger eng stellen Translation ger zusammenrücken Translation ger kürzen Translation ger verkürzen Translation ger schachmatt setzen Translation ger den Atem anhalten Translation ger im Dienst sein Translation ger bloquer (vt) Translation fre bourrer Translation fre coincer (vt) Translation fre raccourcir (vt) Translation fre remplir Translation fre travailler d'arrache-pied Translation fre

詰め腹 Word
つめばら Reading
being forced to commit seppuku Translation eng erzwungenes Harakiri Translation ger (übertr.) Translation ger erzwungener Rücktritt Translation ger

詰め合わせ Word 詰合わせ Word
つめあわせ Reading
combination Translation eng assortment (of goods) Translation eng Sortiment Translation ger Mischung Translation ger Geschenkpackung Translation ger

詰め替える Word 詰替える Word 詰め換える Word 詰換える Word
つめかえる Reading
to repack Translation eng to refill Translation eng umfüllen Translation ger umpacken Translation ger

詰め寄る Word 詰寄る Word
つめよる Reading
to draw near Translation eng to draw closer Translation eng näher kommen Translation ger näher rücken Translation ger sich drohend nähern Translation ger bedrängen Translation ger auf jmdn. eindringen Translation ger

詰め将棋 Word 詰将棋 Word
つめしょうぎ Reading
chess problem Translation eng composed shogi problem Translation eng {Shôgi} Shôgi-Problem Translation ger Shôgi-Aufgabe Translation ger

詰襟 Word 詰め襟 Word
つめえり Reading
stand-up collar Translation eng {Kleidung} Stehkragen Translation ger

詰め開きで Word
つめびらきで Reading つめひらき Reading
at close reach (sailing) Translation eng at close haul Translation eng

詰め碁 Word
つめご Reading
composed go problem Translation eng Go-Problem Translation ger

詰め込む Word 詰込む Word
つめこむ Reading
to cram Translation eng to stuff Translation eng to jam Translation eng to squeeze Translation eng to compress Translation eng to pack Translation eng to crowd Translation eng stopfen Translation ger hineinstopfen Translation ger voll stopfen Translation ger überfüllen Translation ger bourrer a craquer Translation fre

詰め所 Word 詰所 Word
つめしょ Reading
station Translation eng office Translation eng guardroom Translation eng Wachtstube Translation ger Pförtnerhaus Translation ger Hausmeisterloge Translation ger Posten Translation ger Büroraum Translation ger

詰め物 Word 詰物 Word
つめもの Reading
filling or packing material Translation eng stuffing Translation eng padding Translation eng Füllung Translation ger Holzwollfüllung Translation ger Styroporfüllung Translation ger

つまんない Reading
dull Translation eng boring Translation eng
詰らない Crossref

詰る Word
なじる Reading
to rebuke Translation eng to scold Translation eng to tell off Translation eng vorwerfen Translation ger einen Vorwurf machen Translation ger missbilligen Translation ger rügen Translation ger

詰坂 Word
つめさか Reading Tsumesaka Romaji

詰草 Word
つめくさ Reading
white Dutch clover Translation eng {Bot.} eine Leguminosenart Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Trifolium repens>) Translation ger

詰光 Word
つめみつ Reading Tsumemitsu Romaji

詰技 Word
つむぎ Reading Tsumugi Romaji

詰屈した Word
きっくつした Reading
rugged Translation eng

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