Character err, make mistake; interfere Definition
WU4 Pinyin ng6 Jyutping GO On AYAMARU AYAMARI Kun Hangul O Korean *ngò Tang
U+8BEF Simplified

Traditional Simplified
wu4 Pinyin
mistake English error English to miss English to harm English to delay English to neglect English

wu4 Reading Pinyin Reading On あやま. Reading Kun -あやま. Reading Kun o Reading Korean Reading Korean
mistake Meaning err Meaning do wrong Meaning mislead Meaning erreur Meaning fr faute Meaning fr mal faire Meaning fr induire en erreur Meaning fr error Meaning es equivocarse Meaning es erro Meaning pt errar Meaning pt fazer errado Meaning pt enganar Meaning pt

過ち Word 誤ち Word
あやまち Reading
fault Translation eng error Translation eng indiscretion Translation eng faux pas Translation eng Fehler Translation ger Verstoß Translation ger Fehltritt Translation ger erreur Translation fre faute Translation fre indiscrétion Translation fre

誤って Word 過って Word
あやまって Reading
in error Translation eng by mistake Translation eng by accident Translation eng aus Versehen Translation ger versehentlich Translation ger

誤り Word 謬り Word Word
あやまり Reading
error Translation eng mistake Translation eng slip Translation eng bug Translation eng Fehler Translation ger Irrtum Translation ger erreur Translation fre оши́бка Translation rus

誤り率 Word
あやまりりつ Reading
error rate Translation eng

誤り通知 Word
あやまりつうち Reading
error indication Translation eng

誤り制御 Word
あやまりせいぎょ Reading
error control Translation eng

誤る Word 謬る Word
あやまる Reading
to make a mistake Translation eng to err Translation eng to mislead Translation eng to misguide Translation eng sich irren Translation ger einen Fehler machen Translation ger (schriftspr.) Translation ger in die falsche Richtung führen Translation ger faire une erreur Translation fre se tromper Translation fre ошиба́ться Translation rus заблужда́ться Translation rus

誤報 Word
ごほう Reading
misinformation Translation eng incorrect report Translation eng Falschmeldung Translation ger Falschnachricht Translation ger Zeitungsente Translation ger désinformation Translation fre mauvaise information Translation fre rapport incorrect Translation fre

誤報 Traditional 误报 Simplified
wu4 bao4 Pinyin
Fehlinformation (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

誤爆 Word
ごばく Reading
bombing (shelling) the wrong target Translation eng (be killed by) friendly fire Translation eng fälschliches Bombardieren Translation ger Collateralschaden Translation ger

誤変換 Word
ごへんかん Reading
misconversion Translation eng

誤表記 Word
ごひょうき Reading
mistaken way of writing something Translation eng mistaken spelling Translation eng wrong way of writing something Translation eng wrong spelling Translation eng

誤差 Word
ごさ Reading
measurement error Translation eng calculation error Translation eng Fehler Translation ger Abweichung Translation ger erreur Translation fre оши́бка Translation rus погре́шность Translation rus

誤差 Word
ごさ Reading Gosa Romaji

誤差 Traditional 误差 Simplified
wu4 cha1 Pinyin
difference English error English inaccuracy English

誤差 Traditional 误差 Simplified
wu4 cha1 Pinyin
Abweichung (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Messfehler (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Fehler (u.E.) Deutsch

誤差範囲 Word
ごさはんい Reading
error range Translation eng

誤差幅 Word
ごさはば Reading
error span Translation eng

誤車 Traditional 误车 Simplified
wu4 che1 Pinyin
to miss (bus, train etc) English

誤稱 Traditional 误称 Simplified
wu4 chen4 Pinyin
Fehlbezeichnung (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

誤闖 Traditional 误闯 Simplified
wu4 chuang3 Pinyin
versehentlich eintreten (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

誤答 Word
ごとう Reading
mistaken answer or response Translation eng falsche Antwort Translation ger

誤打誤撞 Traditional 误打误撞 Simplified
wu4 da3 wu4 zhuang4 Pinyin
accidentally English to act before thinking English

誤導 Traditional 误导 Simplified
wu4 dao3 Pinyin
to mislead English to misguide English misleading English misguided English

誤點 Traditional 误点 Simplified
wu4 dian3 Pinyin
not on time English late (public transport, airlines) English overdue English behind schedule English delayed English

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