Character ask, request; invite; please Definition
QING3 QING4 QING1 QING2 Pinyin ceng2 cing2 Jyutping SEI SHOU SHIN On KOU UKERU KOI Kun Hangul CHENG Korean *tsiɛ̌ng Tang thỉnh Viet
U+8BF7 Simplified

うけ Reading Uke Romaji

みち Reading Michi Romaji

Traditional Simplified
qing3 Pinyin
to ask English to invite English please (do sth) English to treat (to a meal etc) English to request English

Traditional Simplified
qing3 Pinyin
Bitte ! (u.E.) (Int) Deutsch bitten, einladen (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

qing3 Reading Pinyin セイ Reading On シン Reading On ショウ Reading On . Reading Kun .ける Reading Kun うけ Nanori cheong Reading Korean Reading Korean
solicit Meaning invite Meaning ask Meaning solliciter Meaning fr inviter Meaning fr demander Meaning fr solicitar Meaning es pedir Meaning es rogar Meaning es tomar el control Meaning es recibir Meaning es solicitar Meaning pt convidar Meaning pt perguntar Meaning pt

請い Word 乞い Word
こい Reading
request Translation eng entreaty Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Bitte Translation ger Ersuchen Translation ger Anliegen Translation ger Ansuchen Translation ger Wunsch Translation ger

希う Word 請い願う Word 庶幾う Word 冀う Word
こいねがう Reading
to beg Translation eng to request Translation eng to beseech Translation eng to implore Translation eng to entreat Translation eng

請う Word 乞う Word
こう Reading
to ask Translation eng to request Translation eng to invite Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger bitten Translation ger anflehen Translation ger erbitten Translation ger ersuchen Translation ger flehen Translation ger betteln Translation ger demander Translation fre faire une requête Translation fre inviter Translation fre

受け Word 請け Word 承け Word
うけ Reading
popularity Translation eng favour Translation eng favor Translation eng reception Translation eng defense Translation eng defence Translation eng reputation Translation eng agreement Translation eng submissive partner of a homosexual relationship Translation eng receiver of technique (e.g. in martial arts) Translation eng Beliebtheit Translation ger Popularität Translation ger Aufnahme Translation ger Ruf Translation ger Behälter Translation ger Stütze Translation ger Untersatz Translation ger Lager Translation ger {Shôgi, Go} Verteidigung Translation ger

受ける Word 請ける Word 承ける Word 享ける Word
うける Reading
to receive Translation eng to accept Translation eng to get Translation eng to inherit Translation eng to catch (e.g. a ball) Translation eng to parry (e.g. a blow) Translation eng to take (lesson, test, damage) Translation eng to sustain (damage) Translation eng to incur (loss) Translation eng to become popular Translation eng to be well-received Translation eng to go down well Translation eng fangen Translation ger auffangen Translation ger bekommen Translation ger erhalten Translation ger annehmen Translation ger erleiden Translation ger bekommen Translation ger für etw. halten Translation ger ankommen Translation ger angenommen werden Translation ger éprouver (des dommages) Translation fre être confronté à Translation fre accepter Translation fre attraper (une balle) Translation fre devenir célèbre (populaire) Translation fre entreprendre Translation fre prendre une leçon Translation fre subir Translation fre subir (un test) Translation fre получать Translation rus подвергаться Translation rus

請け出す Word 受け出す Word
うけだす Reading
to redeem Translation eng to take out of pawn Translation eng auslösen Translation ger freikaufen Translation ger loskaufen Translation ger (ein Pfand) Translation ger einlösen Translation ger

請ケ峰 Word
うけがみね Reading Ukegamine Romaji

請ヶ峰 Word
うけがみね Reading Ukegamine Romaji

請負 Word 請け負い Word
うけおい Reading
contract (for work) Translation eng contracting Translation eng undertaking Translation eng Akkord Translation ger Auftrag Translation ger Vertrag Translation ger Kontrakt Translation ger

請け負う Word
うけおう Reading
to contract Translation eng to undertake Translation eng einen Vertrag abschließen Translation ger übernehmen Translation ger auf sich nehmen Translation ger

請け合い Word 請合い Word
うけあい Reading
assurance Translation eng guarantee Translation eng
請け合う Crossref

請け合う Word 請合う Word
うけあう Reading
to assure Translation eng to guarantee Translation eng to undertake Translation eng garantieren Translation ger gewährleisten Translation ger Gewähr übernehmen Translation ger jmdm. versichern Translation ger eine Arbeit übernehmen Translation ger

受け売り Word 受売り Word 請け売り Word 請売り Word
うけうり Reading
retailing Translation eng second-hand opinion or knowledge Translation eng telling at second hand Translation eng second-hand telling Translation eng Weiterverkauf Translation ger Erzählung aus zweiter Hand Translation ger

請け判 Word
うけはん Reading
seal of surety Translation eng Sicherheitssiegel Translation ger

受取り Word 受け取り Word 受取 Word 受け取 Word 請け取り Word 請取り Word 請取 Word 請け取 Word
うけとり Reading
receipt Translation eng Quittung Translation ger Empfangsschein Translation ger Empfang Translation ger Annahme Translation ger reçu Translation fre (1) квитанция Translation rus (2) получение (чего-л.) Translation rus

受け取る Word 受けとる Word 受取る Word 請け取る Word 請取る Word
うけとる Reading
to receive Translation eng to get Translation eng to accept Translation eng to take Translation eng to interpret Translation eng to understand Translation eng empfangen Translation ger erhalten Translation ger bekommen Translation ger annehmen Translation ger auffassen Translation ger verstehen Translation ger interpretieren Translation ger avoir Translation fre comprendre Translation fre interpréter Translation fre obtenir Translation fre prendre Translation fre recevoir Translation fre se charger de Translation fre получать Translation rus

請け人 Word
うけにん Reading
guarantor Translation eng Bürge Translation ger Gewährsmann Translation ger

請け書 Word 請書 Word
うけしょ Reading
written acknowledgement Translation eng written acknowledgment Translation eng receipt Translation eng Anerkennungsschreiben Translation ger Quittung Translation ger

請け戻し Word
うけもどし Reading
redemption Translation eng Auslösung Translation ger Freikauf Translation ger Rückkauf Translation ger

招じ入れる Word 請じ入れる Word
しょうじいれる Reading
to invite or usher in Translation eng jmdn. hereinbitten Translation ger jmdn. hineinführen Translation ger

請ノ谷 Word
うけのたに Reading Ukenotani Romaji

請阿室 Word
うけあむろ Reading Ukeamuro Romaji

請安 Word
しょうあん Reading Shouan Romaji

請安 Traditional 请安 Simplified
qing3 an1 Pinyin
pay respects English wish good health English

請蔵 Word
うけくら Reading Ukekura Romaji

請藏 Word
うくくら Reading Ukukura Romaji

請川 Word
うかわ Reading Ukawa Romaji

請川 Word
うけかわ Reading Ukekawa Romaji

請川 Word
うけがわ Reading Ukegawa Romaji

請川 Word
おいかわ Reading Oikawa Romaji

請川 Word
せいかわ Reading Seikawa Romaji

請川 Word
せいがわ Reading Seigawa Romaji

請舛 Word
うけます Reading Ukemasu Romaji

請辭 Traditional 请辞 Simplified
qing3 ci2 Pinyin
to ask sb to resign from a post English

請村 Word
うけむら Reading Ukemura Romaji

請島 Word
うけしま Reading Ukeshima Romaji

請島 Word
うけじま Reading Ukejima Romaji

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