Character should, ought to, need to Definition
GAI1 Pinyin goi1 Jyutping
U+8A72 Traditional

Traditional Simplified
gai1 Pinyin
should English ought to English most likely English to deserve English to owe English to be sb's turn to do sth English that English the above-mentioned English

該博 Traditional 该博 Simplified
gai1 bo2 Pinyin
erudite English broad and profound English learned English

該處 Traditional 该处 Simplified
gai1 chu4 Pinyin
die betreffende Stelle, besagte Instanz (S) Deutsch

該當 Traditional 该当 Simplified
gai1 dang1 Pinyin
should English deserve English

該罰 Traditional 该罚 Simplified
gai1 fa2 Pinyin
schuldig (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

該撒利亞 Traditional 该撒利亚 Simplified
gai1 sa3 li4 ya4 Pinyin
Caesarea (u.E.) (Gesch) Deutsch

該死 Traditional 该死 Simplified
gai1 si3 Pinyin
expression of anger English Damn it! English

该死的 Traditional 该死的 Simplified
gai1 si3 de5 Pinyin
verdammt (u.E.) (vulg) Deutsch

該隱 Traditional 该隐 Simplified
Gai1 yin3 Pinyin
Cain (in Genesis 4:1) English

該隱 Traditional 该隐 Simplified
gai1 yin3 Pinyin
Kain (u.E.) (Pers) Deutsch

該應 Traditional 该应 Simplified
gai1 ying1 Pinyin
should English

該支付 Traditional 该支付 Simplified
gai1 zhi1 fu4 Pinyin
fällig (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

該詛咒 Traditional 该诅咒 Simplified
gai1 zu3 zhou4 Pinyin
verfluchen (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

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