Character store, stockpile, hoard Definition
ZHU3 ZHU4 Pinyin cyu5 Jyutping CHO On TAKUWAERU Kun Hangul CE Korean djiǔ Tang trữ Viet
U+8D2E Simplified

おさむ Reading Osamu Romaji

Traditional Simplified
zhu4 Pinyin
to store English to save English stockpile English

zhu3 Reading Pinyin zhu4 Reading Pinyin チョ Reading On .める Reading Kun たくわ.える Reading Kun jeo Reading Korean Reading Korean
savings Meaning store Meaning lay in Meaning keep Meaning wear mustache Meaning économies Meaning fr épargne Meaning fr réserve Meaning fr stocker Meaning fr porter la moustache Meaning fr ahorrar Meaning es almacenar Meaning es poupança Meaning pt loja Meaning pt por em Meaning pt guardar Meaning pt usar bigode Meaning pt

蓄え Word 貯え Word
たくわえ Reading
store Translation eng reserve Translation eng stock Translation eng savings Translation eng Vorrat Translation ger Lager Translation ger Ersparnisse Translation ger erspartes Geld Translation ger Spargroschen Translation ger

蓄える Word 貯える Word
たくわえる Reading
to store Translation eng to lay in stock Translation eng to have a beard Translation eng tp grow a beard Translation eng aufbewahren Translation ger speichern Translation ger lagern Translation ger aufspeichern Translation ger sparen Translation ger tragen Translation ger wachsen lassen Translation ger (Haare, einen Bart) Translation ger emmagasiner Translation fre stocker Translation fre копи́ть Translation rus запаса́ть Translation rus накопля́ть Translation rus

貯まる Word
たまる Reading
to be saved (e.g. money) Translation eng

貯める Word
ためる Reading
to save (i.e. in a bank) Translation eng sparen Translation ger beiseite legen Translation ger horten Translation ger aufbewahren Translation ger

貯備 Traditional 贮备 Simplified
zhu4 bei4 Pinyin
to store English

貯備 Traditional 贮备 Simplified
zhu4 bei4 Pinyin
abspeichern (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

貯蔵 Word
ちょぞう Reading
storage Translation eng preservation Translation eng Aufbewahrung Translation ger Lagern Translation ger Vorrat Translation ger conservation Translation fre provision Translation fre réserve Translation fre stockage Translation fre

貯蔵タンク Word
ちょぞうタンク Reading
storage tank Translation eng Lagertank Translation ger

貯蔵庫 Word
ちょぞうこ Reading
storehouse Translation eng Speicher Translation ger

貯蔵品 Word
ちょぞうひん Reading
supplies Translation eng stock Translation eng stored goods Translation eng Vorräte Translation ger gelagerte Waren Translation ger

貯蔵室 Word
ちょぞうしつ Reading
storeroom Translation eng stockroom Translation eng Vorratsraum Translation ger Vorratskammer Translation ger

貯蔵所 Word
ちょぞうしょ Reading
storage place Translation eng Vorratsplatz Translation ger

貯藏 Traditional 贮藏 Simplified
zhu4 cang2 Pinyin
to store up English to hoard English deposits English

貯藏處 Traditional 贮藏处 Simplified
zhu3 cang2 chu4 Pinyin
Aufbewahrungsort (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

貯藏器 Traditional 贮藏器 Simplified
zhu3 cang2 qi4 Pinyin
Ablagekasten (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

貯藏物 Traditional 贮藏物 Simplified
zhu3 cang2 wu4 Pinyin
Vertragsregelung (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

貯存 Traditional 贮存 Simplified
zhu4 cun2 Pinyin
to store English to deposit English

貯存 Traditional 贮存 Simplified
zhu3 cun2 Pinyin
lagern, Einlagerung (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

貯存管 Traditional 贮存管 Simplified
zhu4 cun2 guan3 Pinyin
storage container for liquid or gas English gas holder English

貯存器 Traditional 贮存器 Simplified
zhu4 cun2 qi4 Pinyin
storage device (comp.) English

貯櫃 Traditional 贮柜 Simplified
zhu3 gui4 Pinyin
Tank (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

貯金 Word
ちょきん Reading
(bank) savings Translation eng Sparen Translation ger Spargeld Translation ger Ersparnisse Translation ger économies Translation fre épargnes Translation fre

貯金通帳 Word
ちょきんつうちょう Reading
bank book Translation eng passbook Translation eng Sparbuch Translation ger livret de caisse d'épargne Translation fre

貯金帳 Word
ちょきんちょう Reading
bank book Translation eng
貯金通帳 Crossref

貯金箱 Word
ちょきんばこ Reading
savings box Translation eng bank Translation eng Sparbüchse Translation ger tirelire Translation fre

貯木 Word
ちょぼく Reading
stock or supply of lumber Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Lagern von Holz Translation ger gelagertes Holz Translation ger

貯木場 Word
ちょぼくじょう Reading
lumberyard Translation eng Holzlager Translation ger

貯木場 Word
ちょぼくじょ Reading Chobokujo Romaji

貯木場 Traditional 贮木场 Simplified
zhu4 mu4 chang3 Pinyin
lumber yard English

貯氣筒 Traditional 贮气筒 Simplified
zhu3 qi4 tong3 Pinyin
Luftbehälter (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

貯熱 Traditional 贮热 Simplified
zhu4 re4 Pinyin
to conserve heat English

貯水 Word
ちょすい Reading
storage of water Translation eng Wasserspeicherung Translation ger Wasservorrat Translation ger

貯水槽 Word
ちょすいそう Reading
water tank Translation eng Wasserreservoir Translation ger

貯水槽 Traditional 贮水槽 Simplified
zhu3 shui3 cao2 Pinyin
Wassertank (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

貯水場 Word
ちょすいば Reading Chosuiba Romaji

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