Character cart, vehicle; carry in cart Definition
CHE1 JU1 Pinyin ce1 geoi1 Jyutping SHA KYO On KURUMA Kun Hangul CHA KE Korean *giu chia Tang xa Viet
U+8F66 Simplified

くるま Reading
car Translation eng automobile Translation eng vehicle Translation eng wheel Translation eng Rad Translation ger Wagen Translation ger Auto Translation ger Karren Translation ger Fuhrwerk Translation ger Gefährt Translation ger Wagon Translation ger Taxi Translation ger véhicule Translation fre voiture Translation fre машина Translation rus повозка Translation rus вагон Translation rus

Radical Radical
cart, car Meaning

くるま Reading Kuruma Romaji

くるまざき Reading Kurumazaki Romaji

しゃ Reading Sha Romaji

しや Reading Shiya Romaji

ちゃ Reading Cha Romaji

ちや Reading Chiya Romaji

Traditional Simplified
Che1 Pinyin
surname Che English

Traditional Simplified
che1 Pinyin
car English vehicle English machine English to shape with a lathe English

Traditional Simplified
ju1 Pinyin
war chariot (archaic) English rook (in Chinese chess) English rook (in chess) English

Traditional Simplified
che1 Pinyin
Auto (S) Deutsch Fahrzeug (mit Rädern) (S) Deutsch Wagen (S) Deutsch Wagen (Spielfigur im chin. Schach) (S) Deutsch

che1 Reading Pinyin ju1 Reading Pinyin シャ Reading On くるま Reading Kun くら Nanori くろま Nanori cha Reading Korean geo Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
car Meaning véhicule Meaning fr voiture Meaning fr coche Meaning es vehículo Meaning es rueda Meaning es carro Meaning pt

車椅子 Word 車いす Word
くるまいす Reading
wheelchair Translation eng folding push-chair Translation eng Rollstuhl Translation ger chaise roulante Translation fre

車の流れ Word
くるまのながれ Reading
flow of cars Translation eng Verkehrsfluss Translation ger

車を留める Word
くるまをとめる Reading
to park a car Translation eng

車把 Traditional 车把 Simplified
che1 ba3 Pinyin
handlebar (bike, motor) English

車把式 Traditional 车把式 Simplified
che1 ba3 shi5 Pinyin
expert cart-driver English charioteer English

車坂 Word
くるまざか Reading Kurumazaka Romaji

車保 Traditional 车保 Simplified
che1 bao3 Pinyin
Autoversicherung (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

車本 Word
くるまもと Reading Kurumamoto Romaji

車本 Traditional 车本 Simplified
che1 ben3 Pinyin
Fahrzeugpapiere (u.E.) Deutsch

車場 Word
くるまば Reading Kurumaba Romaji

車場 Traditional 车场 Simplified
che1 chang3 Pinyin
Parkplatz (S) Deutsch

車々間通信 Word
しゃしゃかんつうしん Reading
IVC Translation eng intervehicle communication Translation eng

車臣 Traditional 车臣 Simplified
Che1 chen2 Pinyin
Chechnya, a Russian region in the Caucasus English Chechen English

車程 Traditional 车程 Simplified
che1 cheng2 Pinyin
travel time English expected time for a car journey English

車程 Traditional 车程 Simplified
che1 cheng2 Pinyin
Autofahrt (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Autoreise (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Fahrt (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

車池 Word
くるまいけ Reading Kurumaike Romaji

車持 Word
くらもち Reading Kuramochi Romaji

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