Character stop, suspend, halt Definition
CHUO4 Pinyin zyut3 zyut6 Jyutping TETSU On YAMERU Kun Hangul CHEL Korean djiuɛt Tang
U+8F8D Simplified

Traditional Simplified
chuo4 Pinyin
to stop (before completion) English to cease English to suspend English

Traditional Simplified
chuo4 Pinyin
mit etw. aufhören; aussetzen (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

chuo4 Reading Pinyin テツ Reading On .める Reading Kun cheol Reading Korean Reading Korean
stop Meaning mend Meaning

Traditional Simplified
chuo4 Pinyin
|[chuo4] Variant

輟筆 Traditional 辍笔 Simplified
chuo4 bi3 Pinyin
to stop writing or painting English to leave off writing midway English

輟耕 Traditional 辍耕 Simplified
chuo4 geng1 Pinyin
to stop plowing English to give up a life in the fields English

輟工 Traditional 辍工 Simplified
chuo4 gong1 Pinyin
to stop work English

輟學 Traditional 辍学 Simplified
chuo4 xue2 Pinyin
to drop out of school English to leave off studying English to interrupt one's studies English

輟學率 Traditional 辍学率 Simplified
chuo4 xue2 lu:4 Pinyin
drop-out rate (from schooling) English

輟演 Traditional 辍演 Simplified
chuo4 yan3 Pinyin
to stop performing a play English to interrupt a stage run English

輟業 Traditional 辍业 Simplified
chuo4 ye4 Pinyin
to give up work English to give up one's profession English

輟止 Traditional 辍止 Simplified
chuo4 zhi3 Pinyin
to stop English to leave off English

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