Character fail Definition
KAN3 Pinyin ham2 Jyutping KAN On Hangul KEM Korean

Traditional Simplified
kan3 Pinyin
to be unable to reach one's aim English to be full of misfortune English

kan3 Reading Pinyin カン Reading On コン Reading On gam Reading Korean Reading Korean
difficulty Meaning misfortune Meaning

轗軻 Word 坎軻 Word
かんか Reading
separation from the world Translation eng Schwierigkeit Translation ger Not Translation ger Unglück Translation ger Nichtvorankommen Translation ger (eines Fahrzeuges) Translation ger Vernachlässigung durch die Welt Translation ger

轗軻 Traditional 坎坷 Simplified
kan3 ke3 Pinyin
坎坷|坎坷[kan3 ke3] Variant
bumpy (of a road) English rough (of life) English

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