Character see off, send off; dispatch, give Definition
SONG4 Pinyin sung3 Jyutping SOU On OKURU OKURI Kun Hangul SONG Korean *sùng Tang tống Viet

Traditional Simplified
song4 Pinyin
to deliver English to carry English to give (as a present) English to present (with) English to see off English to send English

song4 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On おく. Reading Kun song Reading Korean Reading Korean
escort Meaning send Meaning escorter Meaning fr envoyer Meaning fr enviar Meaning es remitir Meaning es expedir Meaning es acompanhante Meaning pt enviar Meaning pt

Traditional Simplified
song4 Pinyin
|[song4] Variant

送り Word
おくり Reading
seeing off Translation eng sending off Translation eng funeral Translation eng escapement Translation eng Versand Translation ger Verschickung Translation ger Geleit zur Grabstätte Translation ger Verlegung Translation ger Okurigana Translation ger (Abk.) Translation ger проводы Translation rus

送り付ける Word 送りつける Word
おくりつける Reading
to send Translation eng zuschicken Translation ger zusenden Translation ger

送り出す Word
おくりだす Reading
to send out Translation eng to forward Translation eng to show (a person) out Translation eng absenden Translation ger abschicken Translation ger hinausbegleiten Translation ger

送り点 Word
おくりてん Reading
escapement point Translation eng

送る Word
おくる Reading
to send (a thing) Translation eng to dispatch Translation eng to despatch Translation eng to take or escort (a person somewhere) Translation eng to see off (a person) Translation eng to bid farewell (to the departed) Translation eng to bury Translation eng to spend (time) Translation eng to live one's life Translation eng to pass (down the line) Translation eng to affix okurigana Translation eng senden Translation ger schicken Translation ger transportieren Translation ger transportieren lassen Translation ger verabschieden Translation ger jmdn. an einen Ort bringen oder begleiten Translation ger überweisen Translation ger verbringen Translation ger führen Translation ger (ein Leben) Translation ger envoyer Translation fre посылать Translation rus
送り仮名 Crossref

送り返す Word
おくりかえす Reading
to send back Translation eng zurückschicken Translation ger renvoyer Translation fre

送り掛け Word
おくりがけ Reading
rear leg trip (sumo) Translation eng

送り届ける Word
おくりとどける Reading
to send to Translation eng to deliver Translation eng to escort (a person) home Translation eng jmdn. od. etw. zu seinem Bestimmungsort bringen Translation ger zuschicken Translation ger liefern Translation ger

送り孔 Word
おくりこう Reading
feed hole Translation eng

送り人 Word
おくりにん Reading
sender Translation eng remitter Translation eng consignor Translation eng

送り込み Word
おくりこみ Reading
feed Translation eng

送り込む Word
おくりこむ Reading
to send in Translation eng hinbringen Translation ger schicken Translation ger einschleusen Translation ger in etw. hineinbringen Translation ger

送り手 Word
おくりて Reading
sender Translation eng Absender Translation ger Übersender Translation ger Überweiser Translation ger

送り投げ Word
おくりなげ Reading
rear throw down (sumo) Translation eng

送り先 Word
おくりさき Reading
forwarding address Translation eng Bestimmungsort Translation ger Adresse Translation ger

贈り主 Word 送り主 Word
おくりぬし Reading
sender (of a present) Translation eng Absender Translation ger auteur (d'un cadeau) Translation fre

送り状 Word
おくりじょう Reading
an invoice Translation eng Frachtbrief Translation ger Faktur Translation ger Lieferschein Translation ger
仕切り書 Crossref

仕切り書 Word 仕切書 Word
しきりしょ Reading
consolidated monthly invoice Translation eng itemized invoice Translation eng itemised invoice Translation eng statement of accounts Translation eng Lieferschein Translation ger Rechnung Translation ger
送り状 Crossref

送別 Word
そうべつ Reading
farewell Translation eng send-off Translation eng Verabschiedung Translation ger Abschied Translation ger adieux Translation fre

送別 Traditional 送别 Simplified
song4 bie2 Pinyin
farewell English

送別会 Word
そうべつかい Reading
farewell party Translation eng Abschiedsfeier Translation ger fête d'adieu Translation fre

送冰人 Traditional 送冰人 Simplified
song4 bing1 ren2 Pinyin
Eisverkäufer (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

送餐 Traditional 送餐 Simplified
song4 can1 Pinyin
home delivery of meal English

送呈 Word
そうてい Reading
sending a book as a present Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Überreichen Translation ger Schenken Translation ger

送出 Word
そうしゅつ Reading
sending Translation eng Aussenden Translation ger Verschicken Translation ger

送出 Traditional 送出 Simplified
song4 chu1 Pinyin
senden (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

送錯 Traditional 送错 Simplified
song4 cuo4 Pinyin
fehlleiten (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

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