Character comply with, follow along; thereupon Definition
SUI4 SUI2 Pinyin seoi6 Jyutping SUI ZUI On TOGERU TSUINI Kun Hangul SWU Korean *zuì Tang toại Viet

とぐる Reading Toguru Romaji

Traditional Simplified
sui4 Pinyin
to satisfy English to succeed English then English thereupon English finally English unexpectedly English

sui4 Reading Pinyin sui2 Reading Pinyin スイ Reading On .げる Reading Kun つい. Reading Kun su Reading Korean Reading Korean
consummate Meaning accomplish Meaning attain Meaning commit (suicide) Meaning réussi Meaning fr accompli Meaning fr parvenir à Meaning fr consommer Meaning fr commettre (suicide) Meaning fr consumar Meaning es llevar a cabo Meaning es cumplir Meaning es consumir Meaning pt efetuar Meaning pt atingir Meaning pt cometer (suicídio) Meaning pt

Traditional Simplified
sui4 Pinyin
|[sui4] Variant

遂げる Word
とげる Reading
to accomplish Translation eng to achieve Translation eng to carry out Translation eng erreichen Translation ger vollbringen Translation ger durchführen Translation ger accomplir Translation fre achever Translation fre concrétiser Translation fre

つい Reading
just (now) Translation eng quite (near) Translation eng unintentionally Translation eng unconsciously Translation eng by mistake Translation eng against one's better judgement (judgment) Translation eng (schriftspr.) Ende Translation ger Schluss Translation ger Lebensende Translation ger Tod Translation ger Todesstunde Translation ger par erreur Translation fre plutôt, involontairement, inconsciemment Translation fre
遂に Crossref

遂に Word 終に Word 竟に Word
ついに Reading
finally Translation eng at last Translation eng (with neg) in the end Translation eng am Ende Translation ger zum Schluss Translation ger schließlich Translation ger zuletzt Translation ger endlich Translation ger à la fin Translation fre enfin Translation fre finalement Translation fre в конце́ концо́в Translation rus

遂歩 Word
なりほ Reading Nariho Romaji

遂歩 Word
なるほ Reading Naruho Romaji

遂川 Traditional 遂川 Simplified
Sui4 chuan1 Pinyin
Suichuan county in Ji'an 吉安, Jiangxi English

遂殿 Word
とげどの Reading Togedono Romaji

遂爾 Word
なりじ Reading Nariji Romaji

遂爾 Word
なるじ Reading Naruji Romaji

遂夫 Word
なりお Reading Nario Romaji

遂夫 Word
なるお Reading Naruo Romaji

遂高 Word
かつたか Reading Katsutaka Romaji

遂恵 Word
なるえ Reading Narue Romaji

遂美 Word
かつみ Reading Katsumi Romaji

遂美 Word
なるみ Reading Narumi Romaji

遂明 Word
なりあき Reading Nariaki Romaji

遂明 Word
なるあき Reading Naruaki Romaji

遂寧 Traditional 遂宁 Simplified
Sui4 ning2 Pinyin
Suining prefecture level city in Sichuan English

遂寧 Traditional 遂宁 Simplified
sui4 ning2 Pinyin
Suining (u.E.) (Eig, Geo) Deutsch

遂平 Traditional 遂平 Simplified
sui4 ping2 Pinyin
Suiping (Ort in Henan) (u.E.) (Eig, Geo) Deutsch

遂吾 Word
すいご Reading Suigo Romaji

遂溪 Traditional 遂溪 Simplified
sui4 xi1 Pinyin
Suixi (Ort in Guangdong) (u.E.) (Eig, Geo) Deutsch

遂香 Word
なりか Reading Narika Romaji

遂心 Traditional 遂心 Simplified
sui4 xin1 Pinyin
to one's liking English

遂心 Traditional 遂心 Simplified
sui4 xin1 Pinyin
zufriedengestellt (u.E.) Deutsch

遂心如意 Traditional 遂心如意 Simplified
sui4 xin1 ru2 yi4 Pinyin
totally satisfying English

遂行 Word
すいこう Reading
accomplishment Translation eng execution Translation eng Ausführung Translation ger Durchführung Translation ger Verwirklichung Translation ger accomplissement Translation fre exécution Translation fre

遂行倒相 Traditional 遂行倒相 Simplified
sui4 xing2 dao3 xiang1 Pinyin
Pal (Fs) (u.E.) Deutsch

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