Character intoxicated, drunk; addicted to Definition
ZUI4 Pinyin SUI On YOU YOI Kun
U+9189 Variant

Traditional Simplified
zui4 Pinyin
Japanese variant of English

zui4 Reading Pinyin スイ Reading On . Reading Kun . Reading Kun Reading Kun よい Nanori chwi Reading Korean Reading Korean
drunk Meaning feel sick Meaning poisoned Meaning elated Meaning spellbound Meaning ivre Meaning fr se sentir malade Meaning fr empoisonné Meaning fr transporté de joie Meaning fr subjugué Meaning fr marearse Meaning es emborracharse Meaning es bêbado Meaning pt sentir-se mal Meaning pt envenenado Meaning pt exaltado Meaning pt fascinado Meaning pt

酔い Word
よい Reading
drunkenness Translation eng intoxication Translation eng Rausch Translation ger Betrunkenheit Translation ger Trunkenheit Translation ger Reisekrankheit Translation ger Seekrankheit Translation ger

酔いが回る Word
よいがまわる Reading
to get drunk Translation eng to become tipsy Translation eng betrunken werden Translation ger

酔いが覚める Word
よいがさめる Reading
to sober up Translation eng

酔い痴れる Word 酔いしれる Word
よいしれる Reading
to be befuddled (drunk, intoxicated) (with) Translation eng benebelt sein Translation ger besäuselt sein Translation ger trunken sein Translation ger

酔いを覚ます Word
よいをさます Reading
to sober up Translation eng

酔い覚め Word 酔い醒め Word
よいざめ Reading
recovering from intoxication Translation eng sobering up Translation eng Nüchtern-Werden Translation ger Zeit, um nüchtern zu werden Translation ger

酔い心地 Word
よいごこち Reading
(pleasantly) intoxicated Translation eng Schwips Translation ger angenehme Berauschtheit Translation ger

酔う Word
よう Reading
to get drunk Translation eng to become intoxicated Translation eng betrunken werden Translation ger sich betrinken Translation ger berauscht sein Translation ger sich schlecht fühlen Translation ger es ist einem schlecht Translation ger es ist einem übel Translation ger sich an etw. berauschen Translation ger se griser Translation fre se saouler Translation fre

酔っ払い Word 酔っぱらい Word 酔払い Word
よっぱらい Reading
drunkard Translation eng Betrunkener Translation ger ivre Translation fre saoul Translation fre

酔っ払う Word 酔っぱらう Word
よっぱらう Reading
to get drunk Translation eng (ugs.) Translation ger sturztrunken sein Translation ger stark betrunken sein Translation ger être ivre Translation fre s'enivrer Translation fre se griser Translation fre

酔歩 Word
すいほ Reading
drunken stagger Translation eng tottering gait Translation eng drunkard's walk Translation eng random walk Translation eng betrunkener Gang Translation ger
ランダムウォーク Crossref

酔歩蹣跚 Word
すいほまんさん Reading
tipsy lurch Translation eng reeling (staggering) gait Translation eng

酔茶 Word
よいちゃ Reading Yoicha Romaji

酔車 Word
すいしゃ Reading Suisha Romaji

酔痴 Word
よいち Reading Yoichi Romaji

酔荻 Word
すいてき Reading Suiteki Romaji

酔鬼 Word
すいき Reading Suiki Romaji

酔漢 Word
すいかん Reading
drunkard Translation eng drunken fellow Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Betrunkener Translation ger

酔剣 Word
すいけん Reading Suiken Romaji

酔匠 Word
すいしょう Reading Suishou Romaji

酔客 Word
すいかく Reading すいきゃく Reading
drunken person Translation eng

粋狂 Word 酔狂 Word 酔興 Word
すいきょう Reading
whim Translation eng vagary Translation eng capriciousness Translation eng eccentricity Translation eng Laune Translation ger Spleen Translation ger komischer Vogel Translation ger (urspr. Säuferwahnsinn) Translation ger caprice Translation fre fantaisie Translation fre lubie Translation fre

酔浪子 Word
すいろうし Reading Suiroushi Romaji

酔梅 Word
すいばい Reading Suibai Romaji

酔夢 Word
すいむ Reading Suimu Romaji

酔夢 Word
よいむ Reading Yoimu Romaji

酔茗 Word
すいめい Reading Suimei Romaji

酔拳 Word
すいけん Reading
Drunken Fist Translation eng Drunken Boxing Translation eng пья́ный кула́к Translation rus

酔生 Word
すいせい Reading Suisei Romaji

酔生夢死 Word
すいせいむし Reading
idling one's life away Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger verträumtes Leben Translation ger verfaulenztes Leben Translation ger

酔石 Word
すいせき Reading Suiseki Romaji

酔態 Word
すいたい Reading
drunkenness Translation eng intoxication Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Trunkenheit Translation ger

酔香 Word
すいこう Reading Suikou Romaji

酔顔 Word
すいがん Reading
drunken face Translation eng drunken expression Translation eng vom Alkohol gezeichnetes Gesicht Translation ger

酔眼 Word
すいがん Reading
bleary or drunken eyes Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger trunkene Augen Translation ger trunkener Blick Translation ger

酔余 Word
すいよ Reading
drunken Translation eng Alkoholeinfluss Translation ger Betrunkenheit Translation ger

酔魚 Word
すいぎょ Reading Suigyo Romaji

酔雨 Word
すいう Reading Suiu Romaji

酔月 Word
すいげつ Reading Suigetsu Romaji

酔雲 Word
すいうん Reading Suiun Romaji

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