Character iron; strong, solid, firm Definition
TIE3 Pinyin tit3 Jyutping TETSU On KUROGANE Kun CHEL Korean

てつ Reading
iron Translation eng Eisen Translation ger fer Translation fre железо Translation rus

黒金 Word Word
くろがね Reading
iron Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Eisen Translation ger желе́зо Translation rus

てつ Reading Tetsu Romaji

てつさき Reading Tetsusaki Romaji

てつじ Reading Tetsuji Romaji

とうま Reading Touma Romaji

まがね Reading Magane Romaji

Traditional Simplified
tie3 Pinyin
Japanese variant of | English

tie3 Reading Pinyin テツ Reading On くろがね Reading Kun けん Nanori てっ Nanori cheol Reading Korean Reading Korean
iron Meaning fer Meaning fr hierro Meaning es acero Meaning es ferro Meaning pt

鉄兜 Word 鉄かぶと Word
てつかぶと Reading
steel helmet Translation eng Stahlhelm Translation ger casque d'acier Translation fre

鉄ヶ濱 Word
てつがはま Reading Tetsugahama Romaji

鉄ヶ嶋 Word
てつがしま Reading Tetsugashima Romaji

鉄ヶ嶽 Word
てつがたけ Reading Tetsugatake Romaji

鉄の肺 Word
てつのはい Reading
iron lung Translation eng

鉄の固まり Word
てつのかたまり Reading
iron ingot Translation eng

鉄阪 Word
てつさか Reading Tetsusaka Romaji

鉄板 Word
てっぱん Reading
iron plate Translation eng sure thing Translation eng Eisenplatte Translation ger eiserne Platte Translation ger Eisenblech Translation ger

鉄邦 Word
てつくに Reading Tetsukuni Romaji

鉄棒 Word
てつぼう Reading かなぼう Reading
iron rod Translation eng crowbar Translation eng horizontal bar (gymnastics) Translation eng Eisenstange Translation ger barre de fer Translation fre pince (à levier) Translation fre

金棒引き Word 鉄棒引き Word
かなぼうひき Reading
a gossip Translation eng night watchman Translation eng Plaudertasche Translation ger Klatschbase Translation ger Zuträger Translation ger Nachtwächter Translation ger

鉄鉋 Word
てつぽう Reading Tetsupou Romaji

鉄本 Word
てつもと Reading Tetsumoto Romaji

鉄筆 Word
てっぴつ Reading
stylus Translation eng steel pen Translation eng stencil pen Translation eng Stahlfeder Translation ger Stichel Translation ger Matrizenschreiber Translation ger Eisenstift Translation ger kräftige Schrift Translation ger

鉄壁 Word
てっぺき Reading
iron wall Translation eng impregnable fortress Translation eng (schriftspr.) eiserne Mauer Translation ger eiserne Wand Translation ger unüberwindliche Mauer Translation ger uneinnehmbare Festung Translation ger

鉄兵 Word
てっぺい Reading Teppei Romaji

鉄兵 Word
てつぺい Reading Tetsupei Romaji

鉄鉢 Word
てっぱち Reading
mendicant priest's begging bowl Translation eng

鉄材 Word
てつざい Reading
iron material Translation eng Eisen Translation ger Eisenmaterial Translation ger

鉄倉 Word
てつくら Reading Tetsukura Romaji

鉄蔵 Word
てつぞう Reading Tetsuzou Romaji

鉄艸 Word
てつくさ Reading Tetsukusa Romaji

鉄腸 Word
てっちょう Reading Tecchou Romaji

鉄暢 Word
てつお Reading Tetsuo Romaji

鉄車 Word
てつくるま Reading Tetsukuruma Romaji

鉄車 Word
てつぐるま Reading Tetsuguruma Romaji

鉄臣 Word
てつおみ Reading Tetsuomi Romaji

鉄乗 Word
てつじょう Reading Tetsujou Romaji

鉄城 Word
てつじょう Reading Tetsujou Romaji

鉄池 Word
てついけ Reading Tetsuike Romaji

鉄尺 Word
てつじゃく Reading
carpenter's square Translation eng
曲尺 Crossref

鉄川 Word
てつかわ Reading Tetsukawa Romaji

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