Character tower over city gate Definition
DU1 SHE2 Pinyin dou1 se6 Jyutping TO JA On UTENA Kun Hangul TO Korean
U+9607 Simplified

Traditional Simplified
du1 Pinyin
defensive platform over gate English barbican English

Traditional Simplified
she2 Pinyin
(used in Buddhist transliteration) English

du1 Reading Pinyin Reading On ジャ Reading On do Reading Korean sa Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
watchtower Meaning used phonetically Meaning

闍棃 Traditional 阇梨 Simplified
she2 li2 Pinyin
Buddhist monk (Sanskrit: jala) English

闍黎 Traditional 闍黎 Simplified
du1 li2 Pinyin
buddhistischer Priester (u.E.) (S, Rel) Deutsch

闍弥 Word
しゃみ Reading Shami Romaji

闍彌 Word
しやみ Reading Shiyami Romaji

闍彌 Word
じゃみ Reading Jami Romaji

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