Character snow; wipe away shame, avenge Definition
XUE3 Pinyin syut3 Jyutping SETSU On YUKI SUSUGU Kun Hangul SEL Korean *siuɛt Tang

ゆき Reading
snow Translation eng Schnee Translation ger Schneefall Translation ger neige Translation fre снег Translation rus

きよし Reading Kiyoshi Romaji

きよみ Reading Kiyomi Romaji

きよむ Reading Kiyomu Romaji

すすぎ Reading Susugi Romaji

すすぐ Reading Susugu Romaji

すずき Reading Suzuki Romaji

せつ Reading Setsu Romaji

せつじ Reading Setsuji Romaji

せつゆき Reading Setsuyuki Romaji

ましろ Reading Mashiro Romaji

ゆき Reading Yuki Romaji

Traditional Simplified
Xue3 Pinyin
surname Xue English

Traditional Simplified
xue3 Pinyin
snow English snowfall English to have the appearance of snow English to wipe away, off or out English to clean English

xue3 Reading Pinyin xue4 Reading Pinyin セツ Reading On ゆき Reading Kun せっ Nanori ぶき Nanori seol Reading Korean Reading Korean
snow Meaning neige Meaning fr nieve Meaning es neve Meaning pt

雪掻き Word 雪かき Word
ゆきかき Reading
snow shovel Translation eng snow plow Translation eng snow plough Translation eng snow shoveling (shovelling) Translation eng snow removal Translation eng Schneeräumen Translation ger Schneeschaufeln Translation ger Schneeschaufel Translation ger Schneepflug Translation ger

雪が峰 Word
ゆきがみね Reading Yukigamine Romaji

雪が谷 Word
ゆきがや Reading Yukigaya Romaji

濯ぐ Word 漱ぐ Word 雪ぐ Word
すすぐ Reading ゆすぐ Reading そそぐ Reading
to rinse Translation eng to wash out Translation eng to have one's revenge Translation eng to wipe out a disgrace Translation eng ausspülen Translation ger waschen Translation ger auswaschen Translation ger (Wäsche) Translation ger ausradieren Translation ger (einen Schandfleck) Translation ger

雪だるま Word 雪達磨 Word
ゆきだるま Reading
snowman Translation eng Schneemann Translation ger

雪椿 Word 雪つばき Word
ゆきつばき Reading ユキツバキ Reading
yukitsubaki camelia Translation eng Camellia japonica var. Translation eng

雪の浦 Word
ゆきのうら Reading Yukinoura Romaji

雪ノ浦 Word
ゆきのうら Reading Yukinoura Romaji

雪の下 Word
ゆきのした Reading
saxifrage Translation eng {Bot.} Steinbrech Translation ger Judenbart Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Saxifraga stolonifera>) Translation ger

雪ノ下 Word
ゆきのした Reading Yukinoshita Romaji

雪の沢 Word
ゆきのさわ Reading Yukinosawa Romaji

雪祭り Word 雪まつり Word
ゆきまつり Reading
snow festival Translation eng Schneefest Translation ger

雪除け Word 雪よけ Word
ゆきよけ Reading
snow fence Translation eng snowbreak Translation eng Schneedach Translation ger Schneeschutzwand Translation ger

雪ん子 Word
ゆきんこ Reading
snow child Translation eng type of winter spirit Translation eng

雪愛 Word
ゆきあ Reading Yukia Romaji

雪巴 Word
ゆきは Reading Yukiha Romaji

雪白 Word
せっぱく Reading
snow-white Translation eng pure Translation eng immaculate Translation eng Schneeweiß Translation ger Reinheit Translation ger Makellosigkeit Translation ger Tugendhaftigkeit Translation ger

雪白 Word
ましろ Reading Mashiro Romaji

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