Character sound, tone, pitch, pronunciation Definition
YIN1 YIN4 Pinyin jam1 Jyutping ON IN On OTO NE Kun Hangul UM Korean *qyim Tang âm Viet

おと Reading Reading おん Reading
sound Translation eng noise Translation eng report Translation eng note (music) Translation eng fame Translation eng Chinese-derived character reading Translation eng {Naturphän.} Ton Translation ger Schall Translation ger Laut Translation ger Klang Translation ger Geräusch Translation ger bruit Translation fre son Translation fre звук Translation rus нота Translation rus

Radical Radical
sound Meaning

Reading O Romaji

おと Reading Oto Romaji

おど Reading Odo Romaji

おん Reading On Romaji

とん Reading Ton Romaji

ねおん Reading Neon Romaji

ねね Reading Nene Romaji

のん Reading Non Romaji

ぴあの Reading Piano Romaji

みゅう Reading Myuu Romaji

もね Reading Mone Romaji

りずむ Reading Rizumu Romaji

りり Reading Riri Romaji

Traditional Simplified
yin1 Pinyin
sound English noise English note (of musical scale) English tone English news English syllable English reading (phonetic value of a character) English

Traditional Simplified
yin1 Pinyin
Ton, Laut (u.E.) Deutsch

yin1 Reading Pinyin オン Reading On イン Reading On -ノン Reading On おと Reading Kun Reading Kun Nanori Nanori eum Reading Korean Reading Korean
sound Meaning noise Meaning son Meaning fr bruit Meaning fr sonido Meaning es ruido Meaning es som Meaning pt barulho Meaning pt

音叉 Word 音さ Word
おんさ Reading
tuning fork Translation eng {Phys.} Stimmgabel Translation ger

音に聞く Word
おとにきく Reading
to be widely known Translation eng to be famous Translation eng

音の速度 Word
おとのそくど Reading
velocity of sound Translation eng

音を立てる Word 音をたてる Word
おとをたてる Reading
to make a sound Translation eng Geräusch machen Translation ger

音を出す Word
おとをだす Reading
to produce a sound Translation eng Geräusch machen Translation ger

立てる Word
たてる Reading
to stand (something) up Translation eng to erect (something) Translation eng to make (a noise, a sound) Translation eng to put (tooth, claw, pointed object) to Translation eng to set (a plan, etc.) Translation eng to decide (objective, schedule) Translation eng aufstellen Translation ger errichten Translation ger aufrichten Translation ger zusammenstellen Translation ger gründen Translation ger stiften Translation ger ins Leben rufen Translation ger entwerfen Translation ger konzipieren Translation ger emporkommen Translation ger es weit bringen Translation ger große Dienste leisten Translation ger verbreiten Translation ger in Umlauf bringen Translation ger élever Translation fre ériger Translation fre dresser Translation fre
音を立てる Crossref 計画を立てる Crossref

音阿弥 Word
おんなみ Reading Onnami Romaji

音愛 Word
ねあ Reading Nea Romaji

音愛 Word
のあ Reading Noa Romaji

音巴 Word
おとは Reading Otoha Romaji

音芭 Word
おとは Reading Otoha Romaji

音覇 Word
おとは Reading Otoha Romaji

音坂 Word
おとさか Reading Otosaka Romaji

音爆 Traditional 音爆 Simplified
yin1 bao4 Pinyin
sonic boom English

音邊 Word
おとべ Reading Otobe Romaji

音便形 Word
おんびんけい Reading
euphonic change form Translation eng

音變 Traditional 音变 Simplified
yin1 bian4 Pinyin
phonetic change English

音変化 Word 音變化 Word
おんぺんか Reading
change in sound Translation eng shift in sound Translation eng

音標 Traditional 音标 Simplified
yin1 biao1 Pinyin
phonetic symbol English

音標 Word
おんぴょう Reading
phonetic sign Translation eng

音標 Word
おとしべ Reading Otoshibe Romaji

音別 Word
おんべつ Reading Onbetsu Romaji

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