Character wind; air; manners, atmosphere Definition
FENG1 FENG3 FENG4 Pinyin fung1 fung3 Jyutping FUU FU On KAZE Kun Hangul PHWUNG Korean *biung Tang phong Viet
U+98CE Simplified

振り Word Word
ふり Reading
pretence (pretense) Translation eng show Translation eng appearance Translation eng behaviour Translation eng swing Translation eng swinging Translation eng lacking a reservation or introduction (at a restaurant, etc.) Translation eng unsewn part of a hanging sleeve on a traditional Japanese woman's garment Translation eng Benehmen Translation ger Benimm Translation ger Körperhaltung Translation ger Positur Translation ger Vorgabe Translation ger Vorbeilaufen Translation ger Schwung Translation ger affecter de Translation fre faire semblant de Translation fre feindre de Translation fre simuler Translation fre

かぜ Reading
wind Translation eng breeze Translation eng {Meteor.} Wind Translation ger Luftchen Translation ger Windhauch Translation ger Brise Translation ger {Meteor.} Sturm Translation ger Sturmwind Translation ger Orkan Translation ger Wirbelwind Translation ger Windstos Translation ger Bo Translation ger Luftzug Translation ger Zug Translation ger Wind Translation ger Stimmung Translation ger ...-Haltung Translation ger (als Suffix) Translation ger brise Translation fre vent Translation fre ветер Translation rus

ふう Reading
method Translation eng manner Translation eng way Translation eng style Translation eng appearance Translation eng air Translation eng tendency Translation eng folk song (genre of the Shi Jing) Translation eng wind (one of the five elements) Translation eng aspect Translation fre façon Translation fre méthode Translation fre manière Translation fre style Translation fre
五大 Crossref 六義 Crossref

Radical Radical
wind Meaning

かざ Reading Kaza Romaji

かぜ Reading Kaze Romaji

がいふう Reading Gaifuu Romaji

はやし Reading Hayashi Romaji

ふう Reading Fuu Romaji

ふうか Reading Fuuka Romaji

ふわり Reading Fuwari Romaji

Traditional Simplified
feng1 Pinyin
wind English news English style English custom English manner English

Traditional Simplified
feng1 Pinyin
Wind (Met) Deutsch Radikal Nr. 182 = Wind (Sprachw) Deutsch

feng1 Reading Pinyin フウ Reading On Reading On かぜ Reading Kun かざ- Reading Kun -かぜ Reading Kun Nanori Nanori pung Reading Korean Reading Korean
wind Meaning air Meaning style Meaning manner Meaning vent Meaning fr air Meaning fr style Meaning fr manière Meaning fr viento Meaning es aire Meaning es hábito Meaning es estilo Meaning es conducta Meaning es vento Meaning pt ar Meaning pt estilo Meaning pt maneira Meaning pt

風ヶ浦 Word
かぜがうら Reading Kazegaura Romaji

風ヶ崎 Word
かやさき Reading Kayasaki Romaji

風に乗る Word
かぜにのる Reading
to ride upon the winds Translation eng mit dem Wind fliegen Translation ger

風の城 Word
かぜのしろ Reading Kazenoshiro Romaji

風の塔 Word
かぜのとう Reading Kazenotou Romaji

風の向き Word
かぜのむき Reading
direction of the wind Translation eng

風の音 Word
かぜのおと Reading
sound of the wind Translation eng voice of the wind Translation eng

風の音 Word
かぜのおと Reading Kazenooto Romaji

風除け Word 風よけ Word
かざよけ Reading かぜよけ Reading
windbreak Translation eng

風鈴 Word 風りん Word
ふうりん Reading
wind chime Translation eng wind bell Translation eng Windglöckchen Translation ger carillon à vent (clochettes suspendues à l'entrée d'une maison) Translation fre

風を切る Word
かぜをきる Reading
to go flying along Translation eng

風愛 Word
かえ Reading Kae Romaji

風愛 Word
ふうあ Reading Fuua Romaji

風愛 Word
ふうか Reading Fuuka Romaji

風愛里 Word
ふあり Reading Fuari Romaji

風鞍 Word
かざくら Reading Kazakura Romaji

風八重 Word
かざはえ Reading Kazahae Romaji

風坂 Word
ふうさか Reading Fuusaka Romaji

風包 Traditional 风包 Simplified
feng1 bao1 Pinyin
Luftkessel (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

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