Character demons, mountain spirits Definition
WANG3 Pinyin mong5 Jyutping BOU MOU On Hangul MANG Korean miɑ̌ng Tang

Traditional Simplified
wang3 Pinyin
elf English sprite English

Traditional Simplified
wang3 Pinyin
Kobold (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

wang3 Reading Pinyin モウ Reading On ボウ Reading On mang Reading Korean Reading Korean
spirits of mountains and streams Meaning

魍魎 Traditional 魍魉 Simplified
wang3 liang3 Pinyin
sprites and goblins English monsters and demons English

魍魎 Word
もうりょう Reading
all kinds of spirits and goblins Translation eng Wassergott Translation ger Berg- und Flussgeist Translation ger Geister der unbelebten Natur Translation ger

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