Character seagull, tern Definition
OU1 Pinyin OU On KAMOME Kun
U+9DD7 Variant

かもめ Reading かまめ Reading カモメ Reading
common gull (Larus canus) Translation eng mew gull Translation eng gull (Laridae spp.) Translation eng seagull Translation eng {Vogelk.} Möwe Translation ger Sturmmöwe Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Larus canus>) Translation ger

おう Reading Ou Romaji

かもめ Reading Kamome Romaji

Traditional Simplified
ou1 Pinyin
Japanese variant of | English

ou1 Reading Pinyin オウ Reading On かもめ Reading Kun gu Reading Korean Reading Korean
seagull Meaning gaviota Meaning es

鴎ヶ崎 Word
かもがさき Reading Kamogasaki Romaji

鴎波 Word
おうは Reading Ouha Romaji

鴎村 Word
おうそん Reading Ouson Romaji

鴎島 Word
かもめじま Reading Kamomejima Romaji

鴎島 Word
ごめじま Reading Gomejima Romaji

鴎東 Word
おうとう Reading Outou Romaji

鴎端 Word
かもめばた Reading Kamomebata Romaji

鴎二 Word
おうじ Reading Ouji Romaji

鴎谷 Word
かもめたに Reading Kamometani Romaji

鴎海 Word
おうみ Reading Oumi Romaji

鴎人 Word
おうじん Reading Oujin Romaji

鴎昇 Word
おうしょう Reading Oushou Romaji

鴎所 Word
おうしょ Reading Ousho Romaji

鴎亭 Word
おうてい Reading Outei Romaji

鴎外 Word
おうがい Reading Ougai Romaji

鴎涯 Word
おうがい Reading Ougai Romaji

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