Character gather, collect; pick, select Definition
CAI3 Pinyin coi2 Jyutping SAI On TORU Kun Hangul CHAY Korean *tsə̌i Tang thái Viet
U+91C7 Simplified
1947 Nelson: Modern Reader's Japanese-English Character

Character admit, take, receive, accept Definition
NA4 Pinyin naap6 Jyutping TOU NOU NA On OSAMERU IRERU Kun Hangul NAP Korean *nop Tang nạp Viet
U+7EB3 Simplified
1947 Meyer, Wempe: Student's Cantonese-English Dictiona

Character embroidered official or sacrificial robe Definition
FU3 Pinyin fu2 Jyutping HO FU On AYA Kun Hangul PO Korean
1947 Mathews: Chinese-English Dictionary

Character jujube tree; thorns, brambles Definition
JI2 Pinyin gik1 Jyutping KYOKU On IBARA TOGE Kun Hangul KUK Korean *giək Tang gấc Viet
1947 Hong Kong proper shape

ZHUO4 Pinyin TAKU On
1947 JIS X 0212-1990

Character urgent; in haste, hurriedly; help Definition
RANG2 XIANG1 Pinyin joeng4 soeng1 Jyutping JOU NYOU On HASHIRU Kun YANG Korean
1947 GB 7589-87

Character love, be fond of, like Definition
AI4 Pinyin ngoi3 oi3 Jyutping AI On MEDERU OSHIMU ITOSHII Kun Hangul AY Korean *qə̀i Tang
U+7231 Simplified
1947 Taiwan Telegraph

Character love, be fond of, like Definition
AI4 Pinyin ngoi3 oi3 Jyutping
U+611B Traditional
1947 PRC Telegraph Code

Character harvest, cut grain Definition
HUO4 Pinyin wok6 Jyutping KAKU On KARU TORIIRERU Kun Hangul HWAK HO Korean hoạch Viet
U+83B7 Simplified
1947 JIS X 0208-1990

Character sincere, honest; true, real Definition
CHENG2 Pinyin sing4 Jyutping SEI JOU On MAKOTO MAKOTONI Kun Hangul SENG Korean *zhiɛng Tang thành Viet
U+8BDA Simplified
1947 GB 12345-90

Character sincere, honest; true, real Definition
CHENG2 Pinyin sing4 Jyutping
U+8AA0 Traditional
1947 GB 2312-80

ji1 Reading Pinyin Reading On .える Reading Kun gi Reading Korean Reading Korean
hungry Meaning starve Meaning faim Meaning fr famine Meaning fr hambre Meaning es tener hambre Meaning es faminto Meaning pt morrer de fome Meaning pt
1947 Dictionary dr_gakken

ji1 Reading Pinyin ケイ Reading On にわとり Reading Kun とり Reading Kun gye Reading Korean Reading Korean
chicken Meaning poule Meaning fr pollo Meaning es gallo Meaning es ave de corral Meaning es Frango Meaning pt galinha Meaning pt
1947 Dictionary dr_heisig

jian1 Reading Pinyin ケン Reading On かた Reading Kun gyeon Reading Korean Reading Korean
shoulder Meaning épaule Meaning fr hombro Meaning es Ombro Meaning pt
1947 Dictionary dr_halpern_njecd

cai3 Reading Pinyin サイ Reading On . Reading Kun chae Reading Korean Reading Korean
pick Meaning take Meaning fetch Meaning take up Meaning cueillir Meaning fr prendre Meaning fr aller chercher Meaning fr recoger Meaning es recolectar Meaning es seleccionar Meaning es elegir Meaning es recoger (fruta) Meaning es adoptar (medida) Meaning es escolher Meaning pt pegar Meaning pt trazer Meaning pt erguer Meaning pt
1947 Dictionary dr_nelson_c

xi3 Reading Pinyin Reading On sae Reading Korean sa Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
emperor's seal Meaning sceau impérial Meaning fr sello imperial Meaning es selo imperial Meaning pt
1947 Dictionary dr_kanji_in_context

chun2 Reading Pinyin ジュン Reading On シュン Reading On あつ. Reading Kun あつ Nanori あつし Nanori きよ Nanori きよし Nanori まこと Nanori すなお Nanori sun Reading Korean Reading Korean
pure Meaning grueso Meaning es espeso Meaning es puro Meaning es
1947 Dictionary dr_oneill_kk

chuang2 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On とこ Reading Kun ゆか Reading Kun sang Reading Korean Reading Korean
bed Meaning counter for beds Meaning floor Meaning padding Meaning tatami Meaning plancher Meaning fr lit Meaning fr rembourrage Meaning fr tatami Meaning fr compteur de lits Meaning fr suelo Meaning es cama Meaning es alcoba Meaning es peluquería Meaning es cama Meaning pt andar Meaning pt estofamento Meaning pt tatami Meaning pt
1947 Dictionary dr_halpern_kkld

tai4 Reading Pinyin タイ Reading On わざ. Reading Kun tae Reading Korean Reading Korean
attitude Meaning condition Meaning figure Meaning appearance Meaning voice (of verbs) Meaning attitude Meaning fr condition Meaning fr état Meaning fr apparence Meaning fr forme (d'un verbe) Meaning fr figura Meaning es apariencia Meaning es actitud Meaning es situación Meaning es atitude Meaning pt condição Meaning pt figura Meaning pt aparecimento Meaning pt voz (de verbos) Meaning pt
1947 Dictionary dr_nelson_n

dan1 Reading Pinyin chan2 Reading Pinyin タン Reading On ひとえ Reading Kun dan Reading Korean seon Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
simple Meaning one Meaning single Meaning merely Meaning simple Meaning fr un Meaning fr unique Meaning fr seulement Meaning fr sencillo Meaning es uno Meaning es unidad Meaning es sólo Meaning es único Meaning es Simples Meaning pt um Meaning pt solteiro Meaning pt meramente Meaning pt
1947 Dictionary dr_maniette

liu2 Reading Pinyin リュウ Reading On Reading On ころ. Reading Kun らう Nanori のぶ Nanori みずち Nanori ryu Reading Korean Reading Korean
weapon of war Meaning logging axe Meaning kill en masse Meaning peeling (paint off a wall, etc) Meaning sparse Meaning faded Meaning
1947 Miscellaneous Frequency

ling2 Reading Pinyin レイ Reading On リン Reading On すず Reading Kun Nanori ryeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
small bell Meaning buzzer Meaning clochette Meaning fr sonnerie Meaning fr campanilla Meaning es timbre Meaning es pequeno sino Meaning pt campainha Meaning pt
1947 Dictionary dr_oneill_names

Character cakes, biscuits, pastry Definition
GUO3 Pinyin gwo2 Jyutping KA On MOCHI Kun
U+9983 Simplified

U+98FE Variant

Character farewell party; see off, send off Definition
JIAN4 Pinyin zin3 Jyutping SEN ZEN On HANAMUKE Kun Hangul CEN Korean dzhiɛ̀n dzhiɛ̌n Tang
U+996F Simplified

Character libation Definition
ZHUI4 Pinyin zeoi3 zyut3 Jyutping TETSU TECHI TEI On MATSURU Kun

Character rice-cakes, biscuits Definition
U+9905 Variant

Character pastry filling, stuffing Definition
XIAN4 KAN4 Pinyin haam5 haam6 Jyutping KAN AN On AN ANKO Kun
U+9985 Simplified

BU4 Pinyin HOU BU On

YE4 Pinyin

Character incite Definition
TAN2 DAN4 Pinyin daam6 taam4 Jyutping TAN On SUSUMU KUU Kun

FEI3 Pinyin

Character candy, pastry Definition
ZHANG1 Pinyin CHOU On AME MOCHI Kun Hangul CANG Korean
U+2B5E0 Simplified

Character steamed bread; to feed Definition
WEI4 NEI3 Pinyin noi5 wai3 Jyutping DAI On UERU Kun Hangul WI Korean qyiɛ̀ Tang

Character public building Definition
GUAN3 Pinyin gun2 Jyutping KAN On YAKATA TATE Kun Hangul KWAN Korean *guɑ̀n Tang quán Viet
U+9986 Simplified U+FA2C Variant

XI1 Pinyin

QUE4 Pinyin

CONG1 Pinyin

LIAN2 Pinyin

Character burn down; blaze, fire Definition
HUI3 Pinyin wai2 Jyutping KI On YAKU Kun Hangul HWEY Korean

hui3 Reading Pinyin Reading On . Reading Kun hwe Reading Korean Reading Korean
blaze Meaning

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