Character 5th of the 8 trigrams; south-east; mild, modest, obedient Definition
XUN4 Pinyin seon3 Jyutping SON On TATSUMI Kun Hangul SON Korean rốn Viet
U+5DFA Variant

Character 5th heavenly stem Definition
WU4 Pinyin mou6 Jyutping BO BOU On TSUCHINOE Kun Hangul MWU Korean mậu Viet

つちのえ Reading Reading
5th in rank Translation eng fifth sign of the Chinese calendar Translation eng {Astrol.} fünftes der zehn Kalenderzeichen Translation ger

soh Translation eng so Translation eng 5th note in the tonic solfa representation of the diatonic scale Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
yu3 Pinyin
feather English 5th note in pentatonic scale English

wu4 Reading Pinyin Reading On ボウ Reading On つちのえ Reading Kun mu Reading Korean Reading Korean
5th calendar sign Meaning

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