Character a family name Definition
BEN3 Pinyin bun2 Jyutping

BEN3 Pinyin HON On

Character root, origin, source; basis Definition
BEN3 Pinyin bun2 Jyutping HON On MOTO Kun Hangul PON Korean *bə̌n Tang bản Viet
U+5932 Variant

BEN3 Pinyin

Character straw basket, hamper Definition
BEN3 Pinyin bun2 Jyutping HON On FUGO Kun Hangul PWUN Korean

Character benzene; luxuriant Definition
BEN3 Pinyin bun2 Jyutping HON On PWUN Korean

Traditional Simplified
ben3 Pinyin
roots or stems of plants English origin English source English this English the current English root English foundation English basis English classifier for books, periodicals, files etc English originally English

本事 Traditional 本事 Simplified
ben3 shi4 Pinyin
ability English skill English source material English original story English

本人 Traditional 本人 Simplified
ben3 ren2 Pinyin
the person himself English I (humble form used in speeches) English oneself English myself English in person English personal English

本份 Traditional 本份 Simplified
ben3 fen4 Pinyin
one's duty English

本位 Traditional 本位 Simplified
ben3 wei4 Pinyin
standard English one's own department or unit English

本位制 Traditional 本位制 Simplified
ben3 wei4 zhi4 Pinyin
monetary standard English

本位貨幣 Traditional 本位货币 Simplified
ben3 wei4 huo4 bi4 Pinyin
local currency English our own currency English abbr. 本幣|本币 English

本來 Traditional 本来 Simplified
ben3 lai2 Pinyin
original English originally English at first English it goes without saying English of course English

本來面目 Traditional 本来面目 Simplified
ben3 lai2 mian4 mu4 Pinyin
true colors English true features English

本俸 Traditional 本俸 Simplified
ben3 feng4 Pinyin
basic salary English

本傑明 Traditional 本杰明 Simplified
ben3 jie2 ming2 Pinyin
Benjamin (person name) English

本分 Traditional 本分 Simplified
ben3 fen4 Pinyin
(to play) one's part English one's role English one's duty English (to stay within) one's bounds English

本周 Traditional 本周 Simplified
ben3 zhou1 Pinyin
this week English

本因坊 Traditional 本因坊 Simplified
Ben3 yin1 fang1 Pinyin
Honinbo English Honinbou English

本國 Traditional 本国 Simplified
ben3 guo2 Pinyin
one's own country English

本土 Traditional 本土 Simplified
ben3 tu3 Pinyin
one's native country English native English local English metropolitan territory English

本土化 Traditional 本土化 Simplified
ben3 tu3 hua4 Pinyin
to localize English localization English

本地 Traditional 本地 Simplified
ben3 di4 Pinyin
local English this locality English

本地人 Traditional 本地人 Simplified
ben3 di4 ren2 Pinyin
native person (of a country) English

本地化 Traditional 本地化 Simplified
ben3 di4 hua4 Pinyin
localization English adaptation (to foreign environment) English

本報 Traditional 本报 Simplified
ben3 bao4 Pinyin
this newspaper English

本壘 Traditional 本垒 Simplified
ben3 lei3 Pinyin
home base English

本子 Traditional 本子 Simplified
ben3 zi5 Pinyin
book English notebook English edition English

本字 Traditional 本字 Simplified
ben3 zi4 Pinyin
(ling.) original character English

本屆 Traditional 本届 Simplified
ben3 jie4 Pinyin
current English this year English

本島 Traditional 本岛 Simplified
ben3 dao3 Pinyin
main island English

本州 Traditional 本州 Simplified
Ben3 zhou1 Pinyin
Honshū, the main island of Japan English

本市 Traditional 本市 Simplified
ben3 shi4 Pinyin
this city English our city English

本幣 Traditional 本币 Simplified
ben3 bi4 Pinyin
local currency English our own currency English abbr. for 本位貨幣|本位货币 English

本幫菜 Traditional 本帮菜 Simplified
ben3 bang1 cai4 Pinyin
Shanghainese food English

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