Character low; to lower, hang, bend, bow Definition
DI1 Pinyin dai1 Jyutping TEI On HIKUI Kun Hangul CE Korean *dei dei Tang đây Viet

Character precipice, shore, bank; surname Definition
YA2 YAI2 Pinyin ngaai4 Jyutping GAI GE GI On GAKE KISHI KATAHE HATE Kun Hangul AY Korean day Viet

Character destroyed, ruined; to subvert to injure Definition
PI3 Pinyin pei2 Jyutping HI BI On YABURU YABURERU KUTSUGAESU KUTSUGAYERU Kun Hangul PI Korean dãy Viet

Character bridge, bank Definition
YI2 Pinyin ji4 Jyutping I SHI On DOBURU Kun Tang dãy Viet

Character cliff, precipice; precipitous Definition
YA2 YAI2 Pinyin ngaai4 Jyutping GAI On GAKE Kun Hangul AY UY Korean *ngɛi Tang day Viet

Character a bag, a sack; a case; a pocket, a pouch Definition
DAI4 Pinyin doi6 Jyutping TAI DAI On FUKURO Kun đẫy Viet

Character supreme ruler, emperor; god Definition
DI4 Pinyin dai3 Jyutping TEI TAI On MIKADO Kun Hangul CEY Korean *dèi Tang đấy Viet

Character trail, tow, drag, pull Definition
YE4 YI4 Pinyin jai5 jai6 Jyutping EI On HIKU Kun Hangul YEY Korean *iɛ̀i Tang dấy Viet
U+66F5 Variant

Character a stream which leaves the main branch then later returns Definition
SI4 Pinyin ci5 Jyutping SHI JI I On KAWA Kun Hangul SA Korean dẫy Viet

Character leak, drip; vent or release Definition
XIE4 Pinyin jai6 sit3 Jyutping EI SETSU On NOBIRU MORERU Kun Hangul SEL YEY Korean iɛ̀i Tang dáy Viet

Character rope, cable; reins; to tie up, bind Definition
XIE4 YI4 Pinyin sit3 Jyutping SETSU SECHI EI On KIZUNA SHIBARU SODE Kun dây Viet
U+7D32 Variant

Character moss, lichen Definition
TAI2 TAI1 Pinyin toi1 toi4 Jyutping TAI On KOKE Kun Hangul THAY Korean *dhəi Tang đầy Viet

Character pocket, bag, sack, pouch Definition
DAI4 Pinyin doi6 Jyutping TAI On FUKURO Kun Hangul TAY Korean đãy Viet

Character to waddle, to limp Definition
ZHUAI3 SHI4 Pinyin jai6 zai6 Jyutping dậy Viet

𠖰 Character
dãy Viet

𠫅 Character
dày Viet

𠫆 Character
dầy Viet

𠰺 Character
dạy Viet

𠴓 Character
đay Viet

𠼪 Character
dày Viet

𡌠 Character
đáy Viet

𢂌 Character
đãy Viet

𢋠 Character
đáy Viet

𢋴 Character
đáy Viet

𢩽 Character
dẩy Viet

𢫙 Character
đậy Viet

𢰥 Character
đày Viet

𢱜 Character
đẩy Viet

𢴐 Character
day Viet

𣷳 Character
đáy Viet

𣹓 Character
đầy Viet

𤀐 Character
đáy Viet

𥻣 Character
dầy Viet

𦞒 Character
đẫy Viet

𦨢 Character
đáy Viet

𦰣 Character
đay Viet

𦷾 Character
đấy Viet

𧀟 Character
đầy Viet

𧛶 Character
đãy Viet

𧻭 Character
dậy Viet

𧽇 Character
dấy Viet

𧽈 Character
dấy Viet

𩂠 Character
đậy Viet

Character day after day; daily, time, moving of the sun Definition
YAN2 Pinyin zyun4 zyun4 Jyutping

Character stone probe; pierce; counsel Definition
BIAN1 Pinyin bin1 Jyutping HEN On ISHIBARI Kun Hangul PHYEM Korean đãy bìm Viet

デーゲーム Reading
day game Translation eng Spiel am Tage Translation ger

ディ Reading デイ Reading
day Translation eng день Translation rus

デイパック Reading
day pack Translation eng Daypack Translation ger kleiner Rucksack für den Bedarf eines Tages Translation ger

デイベッド Reading
day bed Translation eng

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