Character extinguish; wipe out, exterminate Definition
MIE4 Pinyin mit6 Jyutping METSU BETSU On HOROBIRU HOROBOSU Kun Hangul MYEL Korean *miɛt Tang diệt Viet
U+706D Simplified

ダイエット Reading
diet Translation eng losing weight by any method (e.g. exercise) Translation eng Diät Translation ger

議会 Word
ぎかい Reading
Diet Translation eng congress Translation eng parliament Translation eng Parlament Translation ger Volksvertretung Translation ger Kongress Translation ger Bundestag Translation ger Landtag Translation ger Reichstag Translation ger Congrès Translation fre Diète Translation fre Parlement Translation fre assemblée Translation fre (1) парла́мент Translation rus (2) се́ссия парла́мента Translation rus

議事堂 Word
ぎじどう Reading
Diet building Translation eng Parlamentsgebäude Translation ger Capitol Translation ger Houses of Parliaments Translation ger Verhandlungssaal Translation ger

減食 Word
げんしょく Reading
diet (for weight loss) Translation eng dieting Translation eng Reduktion des Essens Translation ger

国会議員 Word
こっかいぎいん Reading
member of National Diet Translation eng Diet member Translation eng Parlamentsmitglied Translation ger Parlamentarier Translation ger Abgeordneter Translation ger Kongressmitglied Translation ger

国会議事録 Word
こっかいぎじろく Reading
Diet Record Translation eng Parlamentsprotokoll Translation ger

カロリーオフ Reading
calorie off Source Language eng diet Translation eng low calorie Translation eng reduced calorie Translation eng

カロリーフリー Reading
calorie free Source Language eng diet Translation eng no calorie Translation eng non-caloric Translation eng

健怡可樂 Traditional 健怡可乐 Simplified
jian4 yi2 ke3 le4 Pinyin
diet cola English

吃喝 Traditional 吃喝 Simplified
chi1 he1 Pinyin
food and drink English diet English

國會 Traditional 国会 Simplified
guo2 hui4 Pinyin
parliament English Congress English diet English

百事輕怡 Traditional 百事轻怡 Simplified
Bai3 shi4 qing1 yi2 Pinyin
Diet Pepsi English Pepsi Light English

食譜 Traditional 食谱 Simplified
shi2 pu3 Pinyin
cookbook English recipe English diet English

飲食療養 Traditional 饮食疗养 Simplified
yin3 shi2 liao2 yang3 Pinyin
diet English

迭塔 Traditional 迭塔 Simplified
die2 ta3 Pinyin
Delta (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

Character butterfly Definition
DIE2 TIE1 Pinyin dip6 Jyutping CHOU On CHOUCHOU Kun Hangul CEP Korean *tep dhep Tang điệp Viet

Character shuffle, limp Definition
DIE2 TIE1 Pinyin cip3 dim3 dip6 Jyutping CHOU On FUMU Kun Hangul CEP Korean tep Tang chồm Viet

食物繊維 Word
しょくもつせんい Reading
dietary fiber Translation eng dietary fibre Translation eng Nahrungsmittelfaser Translation ger Ballaststoff Translation ger

食餌 Word
しょくじ Reading
dietary cure Translation eng {Med.} Diät Translation ger Nahrungsmittel Translation ger

食事療法 Word 食餌療法 Word
しょくじりょうほう Reading
medical diet Translation eng dietary cure Translation eng {Med.} Diättherapie Translation ger

食文化 Word
しょくぶんか Reading
food culture Translation eng dietary culture Translation eng cuisine Translation eng Esskultur Translation ger Kultur des Essens Translation ger

繊維質 Word
せんいしつ Reading
dietary fiber (fibre) Translation eng Faserigkeit Translation ger

ディーター Reading Dieter Romaji

迪特 Traditional 迪特 Simplified
di2 te4 Pinyin
Dieter (u.E.) Deutsch

ディーテリヒ Reading Dieterich Romaji

ディーターリ Reading Dieterle Romaji

ディーテルレ Reading Dieterle Romaji

ディターレ Reading Dieterle Romaji

ディテルラン Reading Dieterlen Romaji

栄養学 Word
えいようがく Reading
dietetics Translation eng nutritional science Translation eng Ernährungswissenschaft Translation ger Diätetik Translation ger

ジエチルエーテル Reading
diethyl ether Translation eng
エーテル Crossref

乙醚 Traditional 乙醚 Simplified
yi3 mi2 Pinyin
ether English diethyl ether C2H5OC2H5 English

二甘醇 Traditional 二甘醇 Simplified
er4 gan1 chun2 Pinyin
diethylene glycol English glycerin (used in antifreeze) English

二甘醇 Traditional 二甘醇 Simplified
er4 gan1 chun2 Pinyin
Diethylenglykol (u.E.) Deutsch

ジーチコン Reading Dietikon Romaji

脱メタボ Word
だつメタボ Reading
losing weight Translation eng dieting Translation eng

栄養学者 Word
えいようがくしゃ Reading
dietitian Translation eng Diätetiker Translation ger

ディートル Reading Dietl Romaji

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