かい Reading
stories Translation eng storeys Translation eng counter for storeys and floors of a building Translation eng Geschoss Translation ger Etage Translation ger Stockwerk Translation ger Stock Translation ger -étage (compteur) Translation fre niveaux Translation fre этаж Translation rus

階層 Word
かいそう Reading
class Translation eng level Translation eng stratum Translation eng layer Translation eng hierarchy Translation eng Stockwerk Translation ger Etage Translation ger Schicht Translation ger Gesellschaftsschicht Translation ger soziale Klasse Translation ger classe sociale Translation fre couche sociale Translation fre hiérarchie Translation fre niveau social Translation fre

累進 Word
るいしん Reading
successive promotion Translation eng gradual promotion Translation eng graduated Translation eng stufenweise Beförderung Translation ger progressives Aufrücken Translation ger promotion successive, graduelle Translation fre étagé Translation fre (impôts) par tranches Translation fre graduel Translation fre progressif Translation fre

樓層 Traditional 楼层 Simplified
lou2 ceng2 Pinyin
Etage (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Stock (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Stockwerk (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

jie1 Reading Pinyin カイ Reading On きざはし Reading Kun しな Nanori Nanori はし Nanori gye Reading Korean Reading Korean
storey Meaning stair Meaning counter for storeys of a building Meaning étage Meaning fr niveau Meaning fr compteur d'étages Meaning fr piso Meaning es nivel Meaning es grado Meaning es posición Meaning es Andar de edifícios Meaning pt grau Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de andares de um edifício Meaning pt

ceng2 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On cheung Reading Korean Reading Korean
stratum Meaning social class Meaning layer Meaning story Meaning floor Meaning strate Meaning fr classe sociale Meaning fr couche Meaning fr étage Meaning fr estrato Meaning es nivel Meaning es estrato Meaning pt classe social Meaning pt camada Meaning pt estória Meaning pt andar Meaning pt

樓板 Traditional 楼板 Simplified
lou2 ban3 Pinyin
Etage, Stock, Stockwerk (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

樓面 Traditional 楼面 Simplified
lou2 mian4 Pinyin
Etage, Stock, Stockwerk (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

マンション Reading
large apartment (from mansion) Translation eng apartment house Translation eng Apartment Translation ger Apartmenthaus Translation ger Etagenhaus Translation ger hôtel particulier Translation fre immeuble résidentiel (de standing, par opposition a apa-to) Translation fre многокварти́рный дом Translation rus

コーポ Reading
corporated house Translation eng Etagenwohnung Translation ger Apartment Translation ger Apartmenthaus. Translation ger
コーポラス Crossref

コーポラス Reading
corporated house Translation eng Etagenwohnung Translation ger Apartment Translation ger Apartmenthaus. Translation ger

たな Reading
shelf Translation eng shelves Translation eng ledge Translation eng rack Translation eng trellis Translation eng Regal Translation ger Wandbrett Translation ger Büchergestell Translation ger Sims Translation ger Spalier Translation ger Gitter Translation ger {Angeln} Höhe, in der die Fische, die man fangen möchte schwimmen Translation ger étagère Translation fre rayon Translation fre по́лка Translation rus

本棚 Word
ほんだな Reading
bookshelves Translation eng bookshelf Translation eng bookcase Translation eng Bücherregal Translation ger Bücherbrett Translation ger étagère d'une bibliothèque Translation fre bibliothèque (meuble) Translation fre rayonnage d'une bibliothèque Translation fre книжная полка Translation rus книжный шкаф Translation rus

本箱 Word
ほんばこ Reading
bookcase Translation eng Bücherkiste Translation ger Bücherschrank Translation ger Bücherregal Translation ger étagère de bibliothèque Translation fre bibliothèque (meuble) Translation fre rayonnage Translation fre

飾り棚 Word
かざりだな Reading
display shelf or case Translation eng Schmuckregal Translation ger Etagere Translation ger

jia4 Reading Pinyin Reading On .ける Reading Kun .かる Reading Kun ga Reading Korean Reading Korean
erect Meaning frame Meaning mount Meaning support Meaning shelf Meaning construct Meaning ériger Meaning fr monter Meaning fr suspendre (pont) Meaning fr supporter (poids) Meaning fr étagère Meaning fr construire Meaning fr montar Meaning es apoyar Meaning es estante Meaning es construir Meaning es colgar Meaning es construir un puente Meaning es eregir Meaning pt moldura Meaning pt monte Meaning pt apoio Meaning pt prateleira Meaning pt construir Meaning pt

peng2 Reading Pinyin ホウ Reading On たな Reading Kun -だな Reading Kun bung Reading Korean paeng Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
shelf Meaning ledge Meaning rack Meaning mount Meaning mantle Meaning trellis Meaning étagère Meaning fr rayon Meaning fr rebord Meaning fr support Meaning fr tablette Meaning fr manteau (cheminée) Meaning fr treillis (vigne) Meaning fr estante Meaning es repisa Meaning es prateleira Meaning pt apoio Meaning pt moldura Meaning pt manto Meaning pt grade Meaning pt

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