Character name of a variety of grass Definition
HEN3 Pinyin ging3 haan2 Jyutping

Character to act contrary to Definition
HEN3 Pinyin han2 Jyutping KOU GOU GIN KON GON On MOTORU Kun HANG HAN Korean

HEN3 GEN2 Pinyin gan1 Jyutping KON On gắn Viet

Character very, quite, much Definition
HEN3 Pinyin han2 Jyutping KON On MOTORU Kun Hangul HUN Korean

Character difficulty in speaking; wrangling Definition
HEN3 Pinyin

Traditional Simplified
hen3 Pinyin
to act contrary to English

Traditional Simplified
hen3 Pinyin
(adverb of degree) English quite English very English awfully English

很不 Traditional 很不 Simplified
hen3 bu4 Pinyin
very un-.... English

很多時 Traditional 很多时 Simplified
hen3 duo1 shi2 Pinyin
often English

很想 Traditional 很想 Simplified
hen3 xiang3 Pinyin
to miss sb English to very much want to English

Traditional Simplified
hen3 Pinyin
fierce English very English

狠巴巴 Traditional 狠巴巴 Simplified
hen3 ba1 ba1 Pinyin
very fierce English

狠心 Traditional 狠心 Simplified
hen3 xin1 Pinyin
callous English heartless English

狠毒 Traditional 狠毒 Simplified
hen3 du2 Pinyin
vicious English malicious English savage English

狠狠 Traditional 狠狠 Simplified
hen3 hen3 Pinyin
resolutely English firmly English ferociously English ruthlessly English

Traditional Simplified
hen3 Pinyin
(English: to act contrary to) (u.E.) Deutsch

Traditional Simplified
hen3 Pinyin
spaßig, lustig (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

很愛 Traditional 很爱 Simplified
hen3 ai4 Pinyin
sehr lieben (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

很大 Traditional 很大 Simplified
hen3 da4 Pinyin
gewaltig, ungeheuer (u.E.) Deutsch

很多 Traditional 很多 Simplified
hen3 duo1 Pinyin
sehr viel (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch zahlreiche (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

很多次 Traditional 很多次 Simplified
hen3 duo1 ci4 Pinyin
tausendfach (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

很多時 Traditional 很多时 Simplified
hen3 duo1 shi2 Pinyin
oftmals (u.E.) Deutsch

很好玩 Traditional 很好玩 Simplified
hen3 hao3 wan2 Pinyin
äußerst amüsant (u.E.) Deutsch

很壞 Traditional 很坏 Simplified
hen3 huai4 Pinyin
sehr schlecht, sehr schlimm (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

很經常 Traditional 很经常 Simplified
hen3 jing1 chang2 Pinyin
meistens (u.E.) Deutsch

很久 Traditional 很久 Simplified
hen3 jiu3 Pinyin
lang (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch lange (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

很久了 Traditional 很久了 Simplified
hen3 jiu3 liao3 Pinyin
sehr lange (u.E.) (Adv) Deutsch

很久以來 Traditional 很久以来 Simplified
hen3 jiu3 yi3 lai2 Pinyin
längen (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

很可能 Traditional 很可能 Simplified
hen3 ke3 neng2 Pinyin
wahrscheinlich (u.E.) (Adv) Deutsch wohl (u.E.) (Adv) Deutsch

很快 Traditional 很快 Simplified
hen3 kuai4 Pinyin
bald (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch schnell (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch im Nu (u.E.) Deutsch

很難 Traditional 很难 Simplified
hen3 nan2 Pinyin
schwerlich, mit großer Mühe (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

很難說 Traditional 很难说 Simplified
hen3 nan2 shuo1 Pinyin
schwer zu sagen (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

很傷心 Traditional 很伤心 Simplified
hen3 shang1 xin1 Pinyin
sehr traurig (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

很少 Traditional 很少 Simplified
hen3 shao3 Pinyin
schäbig (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch selten (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch sehr wenig (u.E.) (Adv) Deutsch

很爽 Traditional 很爽 Simplified
hen3 shuang3 Pinyin
geil (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

很小 Traditional 很小 Simplified
hen3 xiao3 Pinyin
sehr klein (u.E.) Deutsch

很遺憾 Traditional 很遗憾 Simplified
hen3 yi2 han4 Pinyin
bedauerlich (u.E.) Deutsch

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